Trophe Gamper: Al-Khelafi the origin of the conflict between Bara and Roma? – Soccer

Last Monday, AS Roma canceled its participation in the Gamper Trophy against FC Barcelona. A decision very little appreciated by the Catalan club. And provoked by Nasser Al-Khelafi?

Al-Khelafi would have pushed Roma to refuse a match against Bara

The Club’s legal department is studying a possible action against the Italian club for the damage caused to FC Barcelona and its supporters as a result of this unexpected and unjustified decision. In a press release released last Monday, FC Barcelona announced possible legal action against AS Roma following the Italian club’s decision to give up competing for the Gamper Trophy.

This friendly competition, which takes place every year at Camp Nou, was to oppose Bara and Roma on August 6. Except that the Giallorossi have decided to withdraw unilaterally, without reason, from the contract agreed between the two parties , explained the Barcelonans. Since then, the Louve club has justified itself in a rather vague way, evoking a desire to make fewer trips and to create the best possible working conditions for its preparation.

A cancellation signs Al-Khelafi?

Behind this communication would hide another reason. Indeed, the Corriere dello Sport understands that the withdrawal of AS Roma would be due to strong pressure from Nasser Al-Khelafi, president of Paris Saint-Germain and the association of European clubs (ECA). The reason ? Continue to wage war on Bara, which is one of the three rebellious clubs (along with Real Madrid and Juventus Turin) still involved in the European Super League project, which the Roman team coached by Jos Mourinho never took part in.

The Italian daily recalls that the Qatari leader is one of the historical opponents of the European Super League and evokes his strong ties with the boss of Roma, Dan Friedkin, who recently joined the board of directors of the ECA. It is as president of this body that NAK would have pressured his Roman counterpart to cancel this match against the Blaugrana. With success, then. A revelation that should make opponents of the Super League smile but should not fix relations between the boss of PSG and Bara…

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