Tremond Green gives Ja Morant an epic round of applause for a “rent free” tweet

According to real estate agent Tremond Green, the real estate value at the top of the Memphis Grizzlies players is higher in Boston.

Following the Warriors’ Championship win over the Celtics in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, Clay Thompson followed Joan Jackson Jr. called Chris Lies to the front. For the “strength in numbers” tweet he posted during the Western Conference semifinal series against Golden State.

Shortly thereafter, Chris Lees’ superstar Ja Morant Clay responded to comments that Memphis lives on in the Warriors’ minds, particularly Thompson, who said the rent was free.

On Saturday night, Draymond received a rather epic response.

Morant answered shortly thereafter.

But it still couldn’t. First, the pair went back and forth, challenging each other for the Christmas Day match at their respective home courts.

Green also posted Morant’s GIF from Game 5 of the semifinals. bank injury, Morant seemed to follow him Steff Curry’s signature is a four-point game celebration, and Green took the opportunity to create a Disney Channel note capitalizing on Saturday night’s moment.

It all started with the concept of real estate, one thing is for sure: The Warriors traded their Memphis real estate for a beautiful Victorian mansion in Boston.

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Oh, it came with a different championship ring. This is a big deal now.

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