This Monday, June 20, the Foyer rural de Mauvezin celebrates music

On Tuesday, May 10, the general assembly of the Foyer rural de Mauvezin was held. The sections present, including judo, hiking, theatre, gymnastics, the creativity club, the media library and the AMAC, were able to report on their moral and financial results.

The office of the Foyer which has just been elected : president Reine Pierson ; vice-presidents: Claire Daugé and Marie-Christine Leszczynski; treasurer : Jean-Louis Baux; vice-treasurer : Magali Nau; secretary : Sebastien Hillou-Lespes. The office and the 11 other active members are enthusiastically preparing the traditional summer events.

The festivities will begin with the music festival under the hall, with the group Givme 5 exceptionally on June 20. Then will follow 3 gourmet markets: the first with Greg the one-man band on July 21, the second on August 4 with the “Los Pagayos” bandas and finally the return of Givme 5 on August 18. These markets promise to be very gourmet and will undoubtedly delight tourists and Mauvezinois. 20 producers of all kinds have already responded.



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