this is how the betrayal was discovered

The separation of Shakira e Pique shocked the world. The glamorous couple of summer 2010, on the occasion of the World Cup in South Africa, broke up after 12 years of relationship. And, now, they emerge new details on the fine of the love story between the Colombian singer and the Barcelona defender. The pop star did stalk her ex-husband.

Shakira would have had proof of the betrayal her ex-husband after having him stalked by a private agent, precisely because she was suspicious of Piqué’s unusual behavior. Shakira would also have discovered some messages addressed to her lover: among these there would have been one in which the Spanish difeonsore defined her lover as hers “first lady“. And despite the many backstories that keep coming out about the end of their relationship, the identity of the new flame Pique’s still remains secret.

Although Piqué has rejected any attempt by Shakira to mend the bond, at the moment their relationship is in a delicate phase for the custody of the sons. Last week the two spent a few days in the Czech Republic with the children to accompany the little AC Milan involved in the under 10 baseball super cup, and Piqué does not intend to disturb the family balance. For this reason, there is still a lot of mystery and confidentiality about the woman who made Piquè lose her head.



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