The US wins 24 medals at the CEU 2022

After the last expedition in the Spanish University Championships, held from May 28 to 29, the University of Seville closed one of the most brilliant national tournaments, accumulating a total of 24 medals: three golds, nine silvers and twelve bronzes. in various sports disciplines.

Among the most outstanding metals are those received in rugby 7, both in the female and male categories, a gold and a silver, respectively. Also, highlights the silver medal achieved in men’s basketball and the bronzes won in chess, by the student Francisco Miguel Callejas; in judo, by the student Javier Pérez, and in table tennis for women’s teams.

Likewise, the performance of the US in other sports has been satisfactory. For example, in tennis, the silver medal was obtained in the women’s individual and team category, the first of these thanks to the excellent performance of the player Estrella Cabeza. Two bronze medals were also won in this discipline, one in men’s doubles and the other in women’s doubles.

For its part, in swimming, the Sevillian delegation won three medals, one gold for teams in 4 x 50 meters Freestyle, a silver in 4 x 50 meters Style and a bronze for men’s teams. Regarding fighting sports, the US brought home a gold in taekwondo, achieved by the student Ana Jiménez; two silvers, by Agustín Mayor and Carlos Gutiérrez, and four bronzes, by Andrea Oterino, Pedro Vázquez, Jesús Serrano and one last for teams. In Karate, the University of Seville hung a silver medal around its neck, by Sergio Bautista Piña, and a bronze medal, thanks to the student Rocío González Trujillo, both in the Kumité category.

Finally, in the athletics competition, the Seville representation won a silver in the javelin modality, at the hands of José Alberto Sánchez Ponce and a bronze in the 200-meter race, achieved by the student Ana Iglesias Amado. There are plenty of reasons to celebrate and be proud of the US sports participation in the CEU 2022.


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