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The senatorial delegation working on the incidents of May 28 denounced Thursday the “unpreparedness” of the public authorities and qualified the non-conservation of video surveillance images as “a serious and prejudicial fault”, after a visit to the Dionysian enclosure.

Long-awaited first conclusions. After two weeks spent hearing the various actors directly or indirectly linked to the Stade de France fiasco, the presidents of the Senate’s Culture and Laws Committees, Laurent Lafon (centrist) and François-Noël Buffet (LR), made Thursday afternoon a first stage point from the Stade de France enclosure.

Laurent Lafon denounced a “lack of preparation upstream, a lack of responsiveness during, and questionable management afterwards” and facts of a “rare gravity whose consequences could have been dramatic”. He also expressed his «regrets et excuses» to spectators who are victims of delinquency and to those who were unable to attend the match.

He said he was struck “by the difficulty of all the French actors to grasp the specificity of the English public”which is used to moving en masse, “This is not new”. A reality “known, stated by UEFA” during preparatory meetings. The senators are also surprised by the absence of dialogue between the French authorities “and their Spanish and English counterparts” as well as with club officials ahead of the meeting.

“The doctrinal choice” of the prefect Lallement

In detail, the senators insisted on other crucial points. The question of delinquency: between 300 and 400 individuals were identified around the stadium on the day of the final, allegedly from Ile-de-France, most of them having entered when the pre- filtering, one hour before the match kicks off.

However, the first acts of delinquency had been observed early, “from 12 noon”then “renewed at 2 p.m.”, thus even before the appearance of other difficulties. The senators also criticized the «choix doctrinal» of the prefect Lallement to favor the management of supporters to the detriment of public safety. A choice assumed by the prefect Lallement during his hearing on June 9, “but it’s not a good choice”assures François-Noël Buffet.

The other malfunction – “probably the most important” to listen to the senators – concerns the orientation of the flows of travelers, taking into account the strike. It is still Didier Lallement who takes for his rank. François-Noël Buffet cites a meeting organized on May 23 at the initiative of the Prefecture, in the presence of the French Football Federation (FFF). During the interview, the football body offers “a staking from the RER D station” to organize the arrival of supporters “in two streams”: a classic route of the RER D towards the stadium, another which would refer to the route of the RER B. “This staking, the prefect asked for its deletion” asserts François-Noël Buffet.

“If the proposal of the FFF” had been selected, the conditions of access to the stadium “would have been better controlled”he explains, since the path of the RER B leads to a pre-filtering with a row of twenty control points, against ten at the exit of the RER D.

With regard to the non-conservation of video surveillance images of the Stade de France consortium, Jean-Noël Buffet considered that it was “at the very least a serious fault”. Asked whether this non-conservation had been “hidden” he has answered : “No, I can’t say that.” Then clarified his thoughts: “What is striking is that no one had the lucidity to say: ‘We keep these images'”.

He also said he was going to verify the information that a deputy prosecutor from Bobigny was present at the security PC, as is customary during a major event. A judicial police officer was present, he said and “a stop”also allowed the police “to record images of the Stade de France” .

Pending further hearings next week, in particular that of the supporters, the impression given is “that no one is responsible”so “no one is guilty”, lamented Laurent Lafon. The Senate would also like to hear UEFA, but has not “no response yet”.


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