the notes of the ‘qualy’ of the GP of Catalonia

MontmelóThere are times when they have to go the extra mile. No matter what the circumstances or difficulties, there are situations that need to be addressed. It was written in the destiny that, in the Grand Prix of Catalonia, Aleix Espargaró had to be the great protagonist. For his daughter Mia and for those little ones with cardiovascular problems at birth, Granollers took the pole at the Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya.

Aleix Espargaró, superlative

Aprilia’s is hit by a wand. The Catalan set the fastest time in the qualifying session prior to the Grand Prix at the Barcelona-Catalonia Circuit. It was his day. Its weekend, in fact. He led two of the three training sessions and the qualy the Catalan could not miss the opportunity to add another feat to his legend. Everyone rated him as the favorite and he didn’t disappoint.

Mine, the great protagonist

Aleix Espargaró has won on and off the court. At the same time as he set the fastest time to start first in this Sunday’s race (2pm, DAZN), he got an even bigger victory off the tarmac. The speaker who is the MotoGP rider has served to focus his daughter: Mia. When the baby was born, she was diagnosed with a heart problem and had to undergo surgery twice. Just four years ago, an experience that Aleix Espargaró reviewed in this interview with ARA hours before he probably took the pole of his life.

Alex Márquez is down injured

The little brother of the Márquez will start from the last position on the starting grid for the home Grand Prix after starting a sharp fall in the FP3 that has led him to require medical attention. The one from Cervera, who was going at high speed, slid his motorcycle through the gravel. At the time of getting up, he noticed pain and left the circuit with obvious signs of pain. In fact, she needs to sit off the track and be seen by doctors. As he went to the medical center, Márquez did not participate in Q1. “I have a broken tooth and bumps all over my body. I have nothing broken. What worries me most is a blow to the head, which now hurts me, but I hope to have nothing tomorrow. I will be examined again tomorrow, but I will be realistic facing the race, “said the driver.


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