The locker room maintains “confidence” despite the goalless draw

The mixed zone of Montilivi had nothing to do yesterday with that of a few days ago after the 0-1 with Eibar. Filled with journalists, the players of both teams paraded there and some of them stopped to say theirs, as is the case of Bernardo Espinosa. The Girona midfielder said bluntly that the team will play Heliodoro “with the same mentality” that he offered yesterday, despite not passing the tie against Tenerife. A result that he did not consider as a “step back” because “we continue to believe in our possibilities”, so Michel and his team will travel “to fight the playoffs, to be true to our style” and also to “Proposing football” that they have offered throughout the season.

“We went out to win, taking care of the details and we played a great game in the defensive zone. In addition, the clearest chances have been ours, what we have lacked has been to have more effectiveness “, explained the Colombian, who expects a” very similar “return match. Despite the 0-0, message of optimism. “We are confident. In the previous eliminatory one we closed the first leg with a worse result and we left it ”. And he concluded: “We will have 90 or 120 minutes to score at least one goal.”

Víctor Mollejo, from Tenerife, also spoke. “We are proud of the work we have done, we will all go to our stadium. We have faced a Girona that has high quality footballers. We have been very serious, defensively impeccable despite not being completely good with the ball at our feet.



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