The big Kyrie clan statement that ignites Knicks fans

Potentially accessible on the market in the days and weeks to come, Kyrie Irving would interest the Knicks, who would see themselves keeping him in New York. This track has gained credibility in recent hours, via an incendiary outing from Uncle Drew’s relatives!

Three years after his arrival with great fanfare in the franchise, his exit could be made through the back door. Standard bearer of the ambitious Nets project with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving will not have been able to materialize it with convincing results on the ground. Too often absent for the taste of its leaders, it is currently paying for it in negotiations relating to its contractual future.

Not reliable enough for the staff of Brooklyn, Kyrie should not inherit the max contract he wants to obtain this summer. A situation that could lead to his departure, with several franchises already on the spot. Besides the monstrous Big Three that would await him in the West, the star leader would also have the option of not leaving New York. The Knicks would indeed be in line to welcome him, and would a priori have a real shot to play!

Kyrie Irving open to an arrival at the Knicks?

In his latest paper, Ian Begley of SportsNet New York suggests that the track leading Kyrie to the Knicks would be quite plausible … according to the speech held by his clan behind the scenes:

Last month, on the sidelines of the Draft Lottery, people close to Irving said they saw the Knicks as a potential destination in the event that Irving and the Nets failed to agree on a new contract. .

Certainly, this statement could have been intended to put pressure on the Nets, and to convince them to accede to Kyrie’s demands. However, the fact that it is only made public today makes this hypothesis less credible. Uncle Drew could therefore be really tempted by a stint with the New York enemy, where a certain Tom Thibodeau would see himself coaching him according to Begley:

I don’t know how interested the Knicks are right now. What I do know is that Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau has long enjoyed Irving’s game. He was part of the Team USA coaching staff who worked with Irving and other stars during the 2016 Olympics, where the USA men’s team won the gold medal.

The insider nevertheless wanted to temper the enthusiasm of the fans with one last indiscretion on this file:

Last month, people within the Knicks franchise were wary of getting Irving. At that time, people connected with the Nets had expressed skepticism about the scenario where the team would agree to send Irving to the Knicks if he were to be traded.

Supposedly intrigued by the possibility of joining the Knicks, Kyrie Irving has a fan of choice within the franchise, none other than Tom Thibodeau. Not sure, however, that the Nets would agree to let him go to the local rival!



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