The astronomical figure that PSG rejected for Mbappé, how much did Real Madrid offer?

Nasser al Khelaifi, president of the PSGassured that the French Kylian Mbappe did not decide to continue in his club for money, because he explained that “Madrid’s offer was better” and denied that he has power in the club’s sporting decisions.

I have great respect for Real Madrid as a club, but Kylian has never decided to renew for money. Madrid’s offer was better than ours. Also, he had other clubs in England, but he has chosen PSG. We haven’t talked to him or his family about money until the last minute.. He was interested in the project, football. He is Parisian and wanted to stay to represent his city. It is not fair what has been said about him. For them money is not the most important thing, they want to win and they want a sports project”, he told Brand.

In addition, he revealed what had happened in the last year with Real Madrid’s attempts to convince Mbappé: “Mbappé wanted to stay and said so whenever they asked me. He heard that in spain They said he wanted to play for Madrid, but it wasn’t true. We are now talking about Madrid’s latest offer, but in the summer they made one of 170 and 180 million. Which means that next to his salary, it was already better than ours”, he explained.

I turned down 180 million and they told me I was crazy because you could go for free, but I did it because I was sure that Kylian was going to stay, because I know him and his family well. I know what you want. Kylian is very serious, professional, and wants to win. He doesn’t care about the money,” he added.

The president did not confirm the continuity in the PSG of Mauricio Pochettino as a technician, or Neymar. She denied that they have negotiated with Zinedine Zidane. “We can’t talk about that yet, we will in due course.”

Zidane is a person that I liked a lot as a player and I like him as a coach, I love it, but we have never spoken with him, directly or indirectly. I respect and appreciate him very much. Hmany things have come out, but we have never spoken with him“, he claimed.

He also showed his surprise with the intention of Florentino Perez to ride the Superliga, but celebrate “almost a week” the conquest of the Champions League.

“Is rare. He has won the Champions and deservedly so, but on the one hand they want to win it, they have celebrated it for days, almost a week, and on the other hand they don’t like to play it. If you’re not happy, you don’t have to play it. It is the best competition in the world for everyone and I don’t even know why the Spanish fans are also against this competition.but for me the Super League is dead”.

Regarding the complaint of The league and its president Javier Tebas al PSG for non-compliance “continuously with the current regulations of fair play financial”, Al Khelaifi responded with irony. “Who is Thebes? I don’t know that person,” he said.

Our style is not to get involved in the affairs of other clubs, other Leagues or Federations, it’s not our style. But I will not accept that others give us lessons. I don’t care what you say, the truth is, this has been talked about for years. We have a soccer project to build and we are going to move forward, ”he argued.

Every summer is the same. What if fair play, what if we don’t respect the rest… We know better than him what we can do and no one from outside has to tell us what to do. If we do, it is because we can. look at the case of Messi. The same thing happened, they already said it was financially impossible and we have made money with Messi. He has no idea and should focus on his championship because his championship is a bit dead”, he added attacking La Liga.

He also wanted to clarify that Mbappé has not been involved in the dismissal of Leonardo as sports director and the arrival of Luis Campos, nor does he think of the coach or the squad. “He has left his opinion on the project because he wants to win, but he doesn’t go into it afterwards. What he wants, alone, is to play. He never enters the planning”.



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