that’s what it’s worth to be a 4-time NBA champion

Many will know Stephen Curry, an incredible athlete who has managed to be the NBA champion 4 times, but how much does he really earn? Let’s find out together!

The world of sport is truly incredible, not only for the enormous economic turnover that surrounds some disciplines, but also because of the great talent and commitment athletes put in day by day, proving that perseverance and training can really change your life. Although many people consider football to be the sport in which players get the highest paid in reality it is not quite so as it only ranks sixth!

Basketball is a truly incredible sport! (Source: Pixabay)

In fact, the currently highest paid sports are in this order: Football, Golf, Formula 1 and motor sports, Boxing and finally Basketball! In fact, even if many would have predicted the opposite, basketball is the sport in which players are paid the most, did you expect it?

Stephen Curry: Champion Earnings

As previously stated, the Basket it is a truly incredible sport that has managed to take first place among sports in a long time highest paid in the world, thus making the most important players of the multimillionaires. Even if he is not a sportsman, Fedex is also really busy! Here’s what his business is.

stephen curry patrimonio
By working hard everyone can reach the top! (Source: Pixbay)

In fact, just think of two of the greatest players of our time, Michael Jordan e Lebron James, who have managed to make a fortune thanks to their talent and influence even outside the basketball court.

Stephen Curry in addition to being an excellent player and becoming the 4-time NBA champion, he managed to become one of the highest paid sportsmen ever thanks to a contract for over 200 million lasting well 4 years.

As often happens, however, players who manage to get to these levels slowly earn more income creating brands, shops or investing, something that is increasingly fashionable among big sport.

Stephen Curry currently has a fortune of over 90 million dollars but he has been trying to multiply this sum for some time by making deals with Sony, Nasa and many others sponsor, which can surely make Stephen Curry not only richer, but also known to most. Did you know that food influencers are also quickly climbing to the top of success? That’s how much the most famous earn!



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