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  Selection of badminton rackets

First of all, the xU in front represents the empty weight of the feather racket: U—95~100 grams, 2U—90~94 grams, 3U—85~89 grams, 4U—80~84 grams. Generally, the common weight of yonex feather rackets is 2U, 3U, 4U, the larger the number in front of U, the lighter the badminton racket. Gx represents the thickness of the handle: G1 is the thickest and G5 is the thinnest.

Secondly, the numbers on the vertebral stem are divided into two types: 1: there is only a larger Arabic number, which means the sales area of ​​the feather racket. I only know 4-Hong Kong Southeast Asia, 3-North America, 5-Mainland China . CH—China (CN and CP are the beats for sponsoring the Chinese national team), CD—Canada.

Some feather racket models have logos such as long and swing power on the back. The long-extended type is 10mm longer than the ordinary badminton racket, which helps the player to expand the range of his return, enhance his aggression, issue a tricky short ball, and hit a strong and powerful high-angle smash. The power-afterburner type adopts enhanced attack Force concept (SPT) design, the top of the racket is heavier, and it can hit a high-attack return ball with less force. The light-light racket generally weighs 3U. Using a racket with a light design, the swing speed is faster than that of a traditional racket. Faster but less powerful and more suitable for defense.


  How many pounds does a badminton racket weigh

The poundage of badminton rackets is divided into five grades: low pound, low middle pound, medium pound, medium high pound, and high pound. Low lbs are under 20 lbs, low mid lbs are 20-23 lbs, medium lbs are 23-25 ​​lbs, medium high lbs are 25-27 lbs, Tall pounders are above 28 lbs.

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 How many points in a badminton game

21 points in a badminton game. Badminton adopts a 21-point system, that is, the first team to score 21 points wins, and 2 wins in 3 rounds. After the two sides are tied at 20 in each round, one side wins the round with a 2-point lead; if the two sides tie at 29 and one side leads by 1 point, the round is considered to be the winner. The badminton court is a rectangular court with a length of 13.40 meters, the width of the doubles court is 6.10 meters, and the width of the singles court is 5.18 meters. The width of each line on the court is 4 cm, and the measurement should be counted from the outer edge of the line.



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