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It’s been a long time since I saw Stickman. I really miss him very much. I dream of him several times in my dreams. I wanted to play badminton with Stickman right after school, so I decided to take out my computer and play a few rounds of badminton with Stickman again.

Stickman playing badminton?

After more than a dozen games, we still can’t tell who is stronger and who is weaker. So we went to the nearby hot pot restaurant, I told him a lot of my thoughts, and he also told me about his recent situation.

Me: Master finally saw you today, you know what? I admire and envy you very much, I miss you back then…

Stickman: Let me tell you, I think back in the day when a golden horse was like a tiger. It was a battle, and the sword was burning in the furnace, but the enemy had surrounded us all. I know that this sword will take a long time to refine. I can’t watch my soldiers and people being mutilated by the enemy step by step, so at that time I only had a worn-out machete in my hand, and the cloak behind my back had faded. At that time, they fought with the enemy for three days and three nights without surrendering.Even without that sword, I can still destroy the enemy army!

Me: What happened after that, I only know that I don’t see you again here.

Stickman: Later defeated, trapped, enslaved, and even humiliated by enemy forces. woohoo woo…

Me: It doesn’t matter, who said that a person covered in mud is not a hero!

Stickman: Actually, when I came today, I also thought about it, times have changed,I have decided not to play badminton, I will work with you to be safe!

I really? !

Stickman: Actually, you can play badminton occasionally.

Stickman playing badminton?

The stickman security team is established by Heizi Hei, FR33D0M, Arkham Slippery Fish, Xiao Xia, and Resolve_s.

The box is the first in the overall list,FR33D0M

Stickman playing badminton?

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Stickman playing badminton?

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Stickman playing badminton?

Jingdong src currently ranks seventh in the June list,Resolve_s

Stickman playing badminton?

Other masters don’t take screenshots, they are all very strong

Stickman Safety Team Hiring

Character first, be a person first, then do things.

Threshold: A valid vulnerability (enterprise SRC) has been submitted in 2022 and approved.

If you are satisfied, add me WeChat and send me your resume.We will not put WeChat here, I believe you can find it

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Stickman playing badminton?

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Stickman playing badminton?

The original text originated from the WeChat public account (bgbing security):Stickman playing badminton?



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