Step by step to change the scenery and taste the ancient charm of Xiaoshan District: “Embroidery Kung Fu” rejuvenates, “craftsman spirit” creates high-quality products-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

Step by step to change the scenery and taste the ancient charm of Xiaoshan District: “Embroidery Kung Fu” takes a new look, and “craftsman spirit” creates high-quality products

Hangzhou Daily News This summer, Dongfan Middle Road has become the most lively and attractive scenery in the eyes of Linpu people in Xiaoshan.

The spacious two-way 4-lane, the central green belt extending all the way, and the layers of flowers and trees on both sides of the sidewalk, leave mottled light and shadow against the sunlight.

The car is like a painting in the middle, and there are scenery along the way. According to Zhang Jie, deputy mayor of urban construction of Linpu Town, Xiaoshan District, as the north-south main road of Linpu Market Town, Dongfan Road gradually extends from Dongfan South Road to Middle Road and North Road. The architectural styles on both sides of the road are very characteristic of the times. She witnessed After nearly 30 years of development in Linpu, Linpu Gymnasium is located on the west side of Dongfan Middle Road as the competition venue for Asian Games judo, jiu-jitsu and k-jiu-jitsu.

In order to improve the overall “face value” of Dongfan Road and optimize the function of traffic organization, Linpu Town, Xiaoshan District officially launched the improvement and renovation project of all elements of Dongfan Middle Road in March this year. The green and comfortable travel experience of “car dealers can see + slow travel can taste”, creating a road style that integrates history and culture, Asian Games characteristics, and night scene lighting.

Take the road as the axis to enhance the overall landscape. At present, in the prosperous area of ​​ancient Yue, the beautiful Linpu City welcomes guests with a brand-new Dongfan Middle Road, which conforms to the new expectations of the masses for a better life and makes Hangzhou more livable and suitable for business.

New technology for smoother ride

Recently, the reporter came to Dongfan Middle Road, Xiaoshan District. At a glance, this newly renovated road is dotted with green trees, wide and flat, with smooth traffic flow, giving off a brand-new urban style. Driving on this main road of the market town with a total length of 1.5 kilometers and a width of about 23 meters can be described as very “ventilated”. After driving all the way, you can feel the smoothness of the road surface.

“The smoothness of the road is the most concerned aspect in the process of improving and renovating.” Xia Yiyi, director of the Urban Construction Office of Linpu Town, introduced, “In the process of upgrading and renovating this road, Linpu Town mainly used some new technologies and new materials to solve the problem of the road. The problem of unevenness. For example, using the double-machine continuous asphalt paving process and anti-settling manhole cover, the height difference between the manhole cover and the asphalt surface layer is not more than 5 mm, so as to create a ‘zero gap’ road.”

Chen Difeng, the project leader of Xiaoshan Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd., the construction company, told reporters that the new asphalt “double-machine continuous paving process” realizes the simultaneous operation of two asphalt pavers on two lanes. In this way, the thermal joints of the pavement are basically It can not be seen, not only the paving efficiency is improved, but also the setting of longitudinal construction joints is reduced, and the risk of the occurrence and development of paving cracks along the construction joints is reduced. “We strictly control the road elevation during the construction of the surface layer, and set elevation control points every 5 meters. During the paving process of the paver, the asphalt flatness is re-measured when the rolling is completed to ensure that the asphalt surface layer is paved at one time. High-quality molding allows citizens to have a safe and comfortable driving experience.”

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In the past, the problem of “manhole jumping” occurred on the road because of the construction technology of the old manhole cover, which led to the gradual height difference between the manhole cover and the road surface. The anti-settling cover and construction technology used in the upgrading and reconstruction of Dongfan Middle Road can be changed and enhanced. Manhole cover anti-settling focus point and force range, thereby improving road aesthetics and driving comfort.

In this upgrading and renovation project, Dongfan Middle Road also ushered in the first water stabilization layer excavation and reconstruction since its completion. “It is equivalent to re-priming the road foundation, solving some problems such as uneven road surface and potholes from the root, and achieving better firmness and longer durability of this road section.” Xia Yidong said.

The new beauty on the flower border creates a new “realm”

The new changes after the upgrading and renovation of Dongfan Middle Road also attracted unanimous praise from the surrounding citizens.

Chen Liang is a local photographer in Linpu, and he likes to walk through the streets to capture the city scenery. “The pictures taken on Dongfan Middle Road are much better now than in the past. Not only are the pavement spacious and uniform, but the colors are richer and more beautiful, especially the green plants and flowers on both sides of the sidewalk are very eye-catching.” He praised the new look of Dongfan Middle Road. Absolutely.

The reporter saw that in addition to the new look of the motor vehicle lanes, the two sides of Dongfan Middle Road were also “gorgeous” transformed. Xia Yiyi introduced that there was also a green belt on Dongfan Middle Road before the renovation and upgrading, but the plants were single, with only simple shrubs and azaleas, which could only meet the basic needs of citizens for leisure and walking.

After the improvement and renovation, corresponding adjustments were made to the road landscape greening, which not only improved the central green belt, but also added exquisite flower borders to the lawn greening on both sides of the sidewalk. “There are abundant plants in the flower border, including golden chrysanthemum, five-color plum, hydrangea, asparagus, coleus, alum root, etc., more than a dozen kinds of flowers and plants appear in groups. Incredible, for fear of accidentally stepping on it.” Xia Yidong said.

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Green first and then beautiful, such refined landscape improvement is also reflected in the improvement and renovation project of Dongfan Middle Road.

As a historical road named in honor of Cai Dongfan, a famous romance novelist and historian from Linpu, Linpu Town pays attention to maintaining a strong cultural heritage in the construction of landscapes. The facade of the building was refurbished, and the machine-non-separated flower box guardrail with the keynote of Linpu’s unique “Guyue Culture” was designed. A 6-meter-high and 4-meter-wide welcoming Asian Games was also set up at the intersection of Dongfan Middle Road and Linbei Road. Landscape sketches, promote the transformation of the beautiful picture of common prosperity into a beautiful life that can be felt and reach, and realize the driving temperature of “scenery everywhere, beautiful scenery in four seasons”.

“Every day I go to work and pass this road, I can feel the subtle changes. The road is getting more and more stable, and the greenery is getting more and more eye-catching. All of this is surprising and unexpected. I feel very happy to live in Linpu.” Talking about Dongfan Middle Road With the new changes in the landscape, Lu Meier, a citizen of Linpu Town, Xiaoshan, couldn’t help but praise her.

A new vision of people-oriented people’s livelihood

It is understood that the two sides of Dongfan Middle Road are mainly residential areas and shops, and there are five large and medium-sized communities along the route, including Urban Spring, Qinghe Garden, Country Garden Yuexifu, Golden Palm Bay and Jiangjing Garden. As the number of residents increases, the corresponding opinions and demands also increase.

During the renovation of the project, Ms. He Taolan, who lives in Room 602, Building 16, Qinghe Garden, once put forward a suggestion to the town government, “I have to take my children out for a walk every night and play in the Linpu Gymnasium facing the street. It has been remodeled to be more flat, making it safer for us to walk at night.”

There are no trivial matters in people’s livelihood. Only by doing well the “little things” around the common people can the “big things of happiness” of people’s livelihood be achieved.

With this belief, Xiaoshan District Comprehensive Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau and Linpu Town quickly optimized the pavement plan. The ground was refurbished with permeable bricks and blind roads, and an encryption process was made between the bricks to make the pavement smoother. , Practical, even in rainy days, it can achieve rapid penetration, ensuring that citizens “do not accumulate water in heavy rain, and do not wet feet in light rain”, making people feel very comfortable when traveling in rainy days.

“We will do what the people need,” said Zheng Jiangang, deputy director of the Xiaoshan District Comprehensive Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau. In order to increase the happiness of the residents along the road, Dongfan Middle Road takes the optimization of the right of way as the starting point to reorganize the surrounding people and vehicles. , bus and other traffic flow lines, according to the needs of citizens, reasonably set up “small red cars” and bus stops, realize the integrated design and construction of station space and road space, and truly establish a “slow travel + bus”-led last kilometer without traffic. The microcirculation traffic system connected by seam.

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At the same time, combined with the clean, tidy, beautiful and beautiful environment along the street facade, the project has also carried out a series of actions to renovate and standardize the facade along the street. The entire road section is renovated, cleaned, painted and repaired, with a total area of ​​2,000 square meters.

The phenomenon of cluttering at the door of the store is gone, and the door is more beautiful and refreshing. Let this renovation and upgrade effectively make the road scenery change, citizens feel the travel, and the society praises and approves.

Elaborate effort in night scene lighting

As the night falls, the Dongfan Middle Road in the night has a different charm.

I saw clusters of bright and soft lights from the shops on both sides of the road, forming a beautiful landscape. The warm yellow lights made people feel better. Some citizens couldn’t help but admire: “The night on Dongfan Middle Road is not only bright, but also nice.”

This night light is also a novice in the improvement of Dongfan Middle Road.

The unique street lamp design not only brightens the road, beautifies the night view of the city, but also enhances the taste of the city. The project has rationally planned the night scene according to the surrounding building types and characteristic environment. LED energy-saving lamps are used to create a comfortable travel environment with low-brightness and warm color light. The beauty of the charm of “car driving in the scenery, ancient rhyme of Dongfan”.

“The more refined the urban management, the higher the satisfaction of the masses.” Zheng Jiangang said that the beauty of a city starts with its appearance and its management.

In the process of rectification and improvement of Dongfan Middle Road, Xiaoshan District Comprehensive Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau visited the site many times to deploy and implement the rectification and improvement work; Linpu Town Government established a special project class to clarify work responsibilities and reverse the work plan. A regular meeting is held every week, a summary is held every month, and the construction progress is reported every day… The project uses professional “embroidery” skills to exert multiple efforts and in-depth cultivation, and achieves multi-party linkage, resonance at the same frequency, and joint efforts to speed up rectification.

In Linpu, Xiaoshan, a Dongfan Middle Road is constantly promoting the quality and appearance of the city to a new level, drawing a “happy picture” that the masses can see, touch and experience.

Source: Hangzhou Daily Author: Correspondent Xia Jing Shao Linjie Wang Danni Xia Yinglan Reporter Yang Yiwei Editor: Wang Hao



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