South Girls et East Boys remportent les UP All-Star Basketball Classic Games

ST. IGNACE, Mich. (WLUC) – Playing in an All-Star Game is always special, but it was extra special for St. Ignace’s Ally Schultz and Escanaba’s Colin Hudson here Saturday. They were selected as the most valuable players in the 37th UP All-Star Classic. Makes it really special: It marked the last home game of his career with Schultz, and it was the last time Hudson played for his father, former Escanaba boys coach Tracy Hudson. Tracy Hudson will switch teams this season, taking over Escanaba’s women’s schedule for Mike Beveridge’s retirement.

Schultz, who moved to St. Ignace as a freshman from Bark River-Harris, scored 10 of his 17 points and had several assists in the fourth quarter as the South Girls held off North 78-68.

The 6-foot-9 Hudson, who also won the slam dunk contest, scored 22 points and seven rebounds to help the East Boys outplay West 103-84 in the Finals. Both games had an early breakaway phase before the winning teams retook the stretch.

“We really made a team,” said Colin Hudson. “We were a bit tired in the third quarter.” West pulled the lead to 63-60 early in the fourth quarter when Ewen-Trout Creek manager Brad Besonen knocked down four of his E-TC players together in the third quarter. E-TC finished second in the state’s Class D basketball tournament. Tracy Hudson said her son “is a selfless player. He is not a volume shooter.

“Tracy Hudson added” we dug when we needed to. We have the final push and separation. We had a huge change in momentum. “The game also marked the last time Rudyard’s EJ Suggitt would play for his father, Jim, who was an assistant in the East side. The youngest Suggitt will play baseball in Spring. Arbor College Colin Hudson will join his brother Carter at Bay College in Escanaba next season.

“He made a huge leap forward (this season). He has a bright future,” Tracy Hudson said of her youngest son.

Two other Eskymos, Connor Smale and Jared Hansen, joined for 18 points to help East earn the win. Hansen, who will play baseball for the Green Bay Blue Ribbons this summer, has a baseball scholarship to kick off at Central Michigan University.

The two games also served as a farewell to two foreign students. Newberry’s Claudio Bistolfi is Italian while Marquette’s Jonas Bicek is Czech. Bicek, who added 17 points for the East Boys, won the pregame 3-point shooting contest.

Westwood graduates Zach Carlson and Zach Beckman led the West Boys with 19 and 17 points respectively, E-TC’s Mr. UP Basketball Jaden Borseth added 15 points and E-TC’s Eric Abramson added 13 points.

Schultz scored three 3-point field goals in the fourth quarter to kick off his South team. “He went all the way to the wire,” he said. “You have to be the only one people can count on. We call it feeding the fire. St. Ignace is known for women’s basketball and I’m proud to be a part of it. It’s a good feeling”.

The Northern girls led 52-42 before the Southerners closed the gap and then came away with an 18-12 advantage in the fourth quarter. Calumet’s Marybeth Halonen and Alyssa Hill each had 18 points for the Northern girls. Westwood’s Natalie Prophet, who added 10 points for the Southern Girls, won the pre-game free throw contest. Munising’s Jenna Mattson, who will play basketball at Bay College, won the women’s pre-game competition by 3 points.

Filles du Sud : Claire VanGinhoven 9, Natalie Prophet 10, Tristan Smith 4, Cara Zawacki 8, Kennedy Guild 8, Brooke Besteman 9, Lucy Bennin 0, Natalia Ryvolova 5, Tessa Paquin 8, Ally Schultz 17.

Filles du Nord: Jana Loukus 4, Emma Rutter 4, Landry Koski 5, Reide Osterman 2, Paige Sleeman 7, Riley Johnson 3, Jenna Matson 6, Marybeth Halonen 18, Alyssa Hills 18.

East Boys : Claudio Bistolffi 7, Jayce Kipling 6, Connor Smale 12, Tate Besteman 5, Ely North 5, Nolan Amundson 9, Colin Hudson 23, Jared Hansen 6, EJ Suggitt 22, Jesse Duran 8, Jonas Bicek 17.

Les gars de l’Ouest: Zach Carlson 19, Marcus Boase 2, Zach Beckman 17, Eric Abramson 13, Kyle Sorenson 8, Kelsey Jilek 3, John Schutz 4, Jaden Borseth 15, Marcus Sutherland 2, Brendan Polkky 2.

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