Safarova and Plekanec don’t have enough yet? Another baby!

Caring for four children is a lot of hard work, the fifth is probably easy to lose, the former tennis queen probably thought. As soon as she gave birth, she would easily repeat it. “We wouldn’t defend the baby, but I can’t say we’re planning it. We leave it a lot to nature and let it flow. So we certainly don’t plan, but at the same time we don’t resist a bigger family, ” said a fresh double mother for ŽivotvČ

Lucie Šafářová about a secret wedding with Plekance: Lots of preparations for one day

About Safarova it is known that he has a very warm relationship with the boys Lucie Vondráčková, which was repeatedly confirmed by the singer herself. Eight-year-old Matyáš and six-year-old Adam get along very well with little Leontynka and form a relationship with little Oliver. The conditions for the family to expand even more seem ideal.

Plus Plekanec Dad manages his role more than well, for which he also receives words of praise from his wife. She publicly boasted on Instagram of a photo taken on Father’s Day, under which she wrote a touching message: “Four children and handles them all in peace.”

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