‘Red Bull dilemma arises due to interest in Honda and Porsche’

Michael Schmidt says Red Bull Racing may be faced with a dilemma regarding the engine manufacturer for 2026. The team appeared to have been in talks with Porsche for some time, but with Honda potentially looking to return, a tough choice could be ahead for it. team. According to him, that Honda wants to return to Formula 1 is a certainty, while he also believes that a new manufacturer is on the way.

Schmidt has in his last broadcast for Auto Motor and Sport opened a book about the situation with regard to the engine suppliers. When the rules change in 2026, there will be various parties who want to mix on the grid, in order to get a flying start with the new regulations. This is advantageous because the current suppliers also have to build a new engine.

It is known that the Volkswagen Group has plans to enter the sport, with Audi now seeing the current Alfa Romeo Sauber as the most suitable option. The car manufacturer will therefore do its best to work with that team towards the new regulations.

Red Bull may face a dilemma

What has also been an issue for some time is the connection between Red Bull Racing and Porsche, who would like to collaborate with each other. However, an interesting scenario has occurred. It appears that Honda would like to return to the team from 2026, which could therefore create an uneasy situation for Red Bull. Honda can’t actually refuse after the Japanese have given the team a championship-winning car, but at the same time it is already negotiating with Porsche.

However, the choice could be made easier if Honda, as it often does, takes its time to make a decision. By the time the manufacturer has decided to return, the Red Bull-Porsche deal may already be complete, so there’s no awkward rejection for either one. Schmidt is confident that Honda will return, possibly teaming up with AlphaTauri, or even taking over the entire team.

New manufacturer presents itself

Apart from the well-known candidates, there is one more manufacturer that would like to join the sport, the German journalist reports. Schmidt says: ‘Nobody knows who it is, Stefano Domenicali has said there will be more news after the summer break.’ In addition to the Volkswagen Group and Porsche, there seems to be another candidate to join a racing stable and get involved in the sport.



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