Real Madrid’s faith also works in basketball

So many things have happened to Real Madrid basketball this season that The only thing missing was for him to give his coach a heart attack… Oh, wait! It turns out that even that drama has had to be overcome by this group of players, who have turned the supposed biggest crisis of Pablo Laso’s stage into a double in the Endesa Super Cup and the Endesa League and who came within a span of also winning the Copa del Rey and the Euroleague. Where some saw the end of an era, a very good season has emerged in which the only thing that Real Madrid has escaped is that one morning Tavares got out of bed and suddenly measured 1.70.

Everything else that could happen to him has happened to him: from the covid outbreak that forced the whites to play, and win, CSKA with a rotation full of youth players, to another epidemic of long-term injuries like those of Alocén, Williams -Goss and Randolph’s stunt double, who has no more ligaments left to tear. Barcelona was an ogre with Jasikevicius and Mirotic, but they couldn’t reach that fifth game at the Palau Blaugrana. Barça “died” in the fourth, in a lit WiZink Center where Carlo Ancelotti was attentive, at the foot of the track, in one of the funds, who thought that for a Sunday vacation it was a good plan to go see a huge basketball game.



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