Palermo-City Group, towards closing: Baldini and Castagnini, withdrawal and market. Gardini …

An important week for Mirri’s Palermo which lays the foundations for the next competitive season in Serie B and travels quickly towards the formalization of the sale of the majority stake to the holding of Sheikh Mansour

Struggling towards the turning point. Earned the deserved promotion in Serie B and defined in detail the negotiation for the transfer of eighty percent of the shares of Palermo FC al City Football Group, tomorrow an important week begins with a view to planning the next competitive season which should mark other significant stages towards the ratification of the closing of the deal.

As already stated, Dario Mirri will maintain the role of president and will remain a minority shareholder with twenty percent, while Renzo Castagnini and SilvioBaldini, on the recommendation of the Palermo entrepreneur and by decision of the management of the Arab-owned holding company based in England, with the lead Brian Marwood, they will continue their adventure in rosanero in their respective roles as sporting director and coach.

The professional destiny of Rinaldo Sagramolaoutside the board of directors and linked to the Viale del Fante club by an expiring contract 2023, with competences similar to what should become the reference pole in the management and administrative sphere of the new course, that is the former manager of Lazio, Hellas Verona and Inter, Giovanni Gardini. The manager born in London but raised in Padua has had and continues to play a central role in the transaction that will soon sanction the passage of the majority package of Palermo FC by Dario Mirri at the City Football Group, once the bureaucratic process has been completed and the deal has become official, his position will be specifically determined in the organization chart of the rosanero company.

Gardini should take office as chief executive or general manager. However, until the date of the announcement of the happened closing, scheduled for early July, the class 1964 he should not have further blitzes in the Sicilian capital on his agenda.

Same thing goes for Diego Gigliani, Managing Director of the Holding’s emerging clubs, Luciano Zavagno and Nicolas De Montauzon, members of the scouting of the Galaxy City Group. Zavagno keeps in contact with Weather in Castagnini in order to plan guidelines and market strategies on a purely technical level, in full compliance with the football philosophy and tactical belief of the coach Silvio Baldini. First comparisons, by telephone and in person, during the weekend just spent in the technical area made in Toscana between ds, coach and staff, with priority to strengthening the staff in view of the next season, logistical aspects related to the planning of the venue and dates of the retreat for the summer preparation, renewals of expiring players who are part of the project of the original coach from Massa also in Serie B,

The continuation of the relationship with the DS, currently expiring on 30 June, must be contractually formalized with the renewal. As regards Leandro Rinaudo, esteem and appreciation revealed by the men of the orbit citizens for the man and the professional they should culminate in a first-rate position for the former Palermo defensive center at the helm of the youth sector. Some profiles of the sector are expected to arrive in the city this week Performance of City Football Group who will discuss with the current technical, medical, athletic and physiotherapy staff of the Palermo FC, in terms of the first team and the youth sector, to be aware of the modus operandi and working methods adopted.



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