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Leon Ehmig is happy about his success and the sixth point of the season for the JC Samurai. At the weekend, Ehmig will compete with Markus Seifert at the German individual championships in Stuttgart. © hardenfelser

Offenbach – The second draw in a row for the JC Samurai in the Judo-Bundesliga Süd: The Offenbacher got a 7:7 at TSG Backnang on Saturday evening, they remain in fifth place after the sixth point of the season. Most recently, the Offenbacher had won a 7:7 at home in the derby against JC Rüsselsheim. The Rüsselsheimers were not in action this time because some corona cases had occurred at the opponent TV Erlangen.

On July 2nd, the Offenbachers will be challenged again in the Bürgeler Sportfabrik against the team from Franconia, which was hit by the pandemic this weekend and is third from the bottom. In order to defend their good fifth place until the end of the season, Offenbach should win against Erlangen, because they also have to play against the current leaders in Leipzig (September 24th) and Esslingen (October 1st). At the weekend, the Jucoclub Leipzig inflicted the first defeat of the season on the German record champions TSV Abensberg. “Fifth place is our goal now. We can keep up really well in this league, the team is really strong and deserves that,” says Francesco Liotta, Samurai chairman and coach.

After the defeats of the ailing Daniel Gleim (class up to 73 kg) and Markus Seifert (up to 90 kg), heavyweight Kamil Grabowski provided Offenbach’s first point in Backnang. Philipp Schönfeld (up to 81 kg) and Hratschik Latschinian (up to 60 kg) lost, Fabian Kühn (up to 66 kg) and Savellios Stafaridis (up to 100 kg) caused the short deficit at the break. In the second half, Leon Ehmig (up to 73 kg), Markus Seifert and Kamil Grabowski gave Offenbach a 6-4 lead. But more than the victory of Alash Gashaev (up to 66 kg) did not jump out. Hakob Latschinjan (up to 81 kg), Hratschik Latschinian and Savellios Stafaridis lost their fights, so that the Backnanger secured another point.

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“Ultimately the result is okay, the way it went in Backnang. The Backnanger had five foreign athletes with them because they still urgently need points to stay up. In the first round they used three of them. Still, we could have won it if Daniel Gleim hadn’t struggled with groin problems. We then caught up in the second lap,” says Liotta. “The scoring of the last fight was controversial. Savellios Stafaridis was ahead, the judges could have awarded him the victory. Then, unfortunately, it became 7:7 instead of 8:6 for us.”

At the weekend, Leon Ehmig and Markus Seifert, two athletes from Offenbach’s Bundesliga squad, will compete in the German individual championships in Stuttgart. app

JC Samurai: Gleim, M. Seifert (1), Grabowski (2), Schönfeld, Kühn (1), Hratschik Latschinian, Stafaridis (1), Ehmig (1), Hakob Latschinjan, Gashaev (1)

Bundesliga South, men

JT Heidelberg Mannh. - KSV Esslingen 1:13

JSV Speyer – VfL Sindelfingen 6:8

TSG Backnang – JC Samurai Offenbach 7:7

JC Rüsselsheim – TV Erlangen abs.

JC Leipzig – TSV Abensberg 8: 6

1.JC Leipzig 6 56:28 10

2. TSV Abensberg 6 53:31 10

3. JSV Speyer 6 52:32 8

4. KSV Esslingen 6 52:32 7

5. JC Samurai Offenbach 6 43:41  6

6. JC Ruesselsheim 5 34:36 4

7. VfL Sindelfingen 6 34:50 4th

8. TV Erlangen 5 27:43 4

9. TSG Backnang 6 34:50  3

10.  JT Heidelberg Mannheim 6 21:63  2



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