“Other than Radu, but have you seen the other mistake against Bologna?”

Oscar Damianiagent of I’m gladguest in the studios of Sky Sport a “Transfer Market – The Original”answered questions related to the future of the Nerazzurri goalkeeper and returned to themistake committed during the match against Bologna. These are his words:

Radu, Damiani, Bologna-Inter

“Too easy to always blame the goalkeeper. Today I met De Sanctis and I confirmed that Radu’s faults are relative. Perisic’s passage was addressed to De Vrij who, instead of taking her, let her pass. This is too comfortable. Radu made a mistake and there is no doubt about this, but it wasn’t just his fault. There are other responsibilities that no reporter has ever reported, and that’s no good. Radu is remembered for making a mistake, but he also did many great thingsin fact I can assure you that it has many important requests ”.

Then it continues:

He could go to the Cremonese, but still not sure. In the next few days there will be a meeting between the players, the coach and the club. The Reimswhich is a classified media company in France, makes gold bridges to have it, so it means that the guy is respected and considered. He is a great goalkeeper and I am sure he will have an extraordinary career. Furthermore, Inter lost the Scudetto by two points, so without that mistake nothing would have changed, but it is obvious that Radu was bad that day and was sorry. He is a young man of character, he has reacted and will redeem himself next year. I believe that Inzaghi’s words, whom I respect very much, were important ”.

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