OL takeover: John Textor would be the lucky one to buy the shares of Pathé and IDG

The American businessman, owner of the Botafogo club (Brazil) and co-shareholder of Crystal Palace, would thus have preceded Foster Gillett who would not have provided tangible proof to the management of Les Gones. John Textor, who had also been drawn to the presence of Tony Parker within the club, would have accepted the mode of operation proposed by Jean-Michel Aulas, who should therefore remain president of OL. As specified The Teamthe arrival of John Textor would lead to an immediate capital increase of 90 million euros.

You can manage without being in the majority, you have to have the confidence of the shareholders, as has been the case for 35 years. We have to be super discreet but we will have the means for our ambition and I will stay at the club“, specified Jean-Michel Aulas. Thirty-five years after his arrival in business, the historic leader will continue the adventure. With new ambitions. And new means.

“Galtier is a mini Didier Deschamps”



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