NFL: 20 of 24 civil lawsuits against Deshaun Watson have been settled

Twenty of the 24 civil lawsuits filed against Deshaun Watson have been settled, according to the attorney representing the women who accused the Cleveland Browns quarterback of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior.

Attorney Tony Buzbee announced Tuesday that Ashley Solis’ case against Watson and the cases of three unnamed women have not been settled.

“The cases against Deshaun Watson began with a phone call from a brave and strong woman. That woman was Ashley Solis. At the time of this call, she was just one of hundreds of calls our firm receives each week requesting legal assistance. Although she was initially rejected by our selection process, my staff insisted that I speak to her personally. I’m glad she insisted. Once we took a second look, and after coming into contact with Watson’s initial attorney who disrespected Ashley and her profession and arrogantly downplayed someone’s conduct he called an “asset”, I was convinced that our firm should try to help him. Thanks to Ashley’s lonely, but courageous voice, many women who had allegedly experienced the same behavior were quickly encouraged to come forward. I am incredibly proud to represent them all,” Mr. Buzbee said in his statement.

“They endured vile criticism and fanatical ignorance. They faced harsh cross-examination from skilled litigants and held their ground. They are all warriors. Today we have an important announcement regarding these cases, but it is important to note that without Ashley Solis, the conduct experienced by these women would likely have continued unhindered. The truth is, were it not for the courage and willingness of Ashley Solis to come forward, the NFL would not be considering disciplinary action at this time; there would be no review of how teams might knowingly or unknowingly allow certain behaviors; sports teams would not revise their personnel selection processes; and this important story would not have made the sports headlines for over a year.

“Today I am announcing that all but four cases against Deshaun Watson have been settled. We are working on the paperwork related to these regulations. Once we do, those special cases will be discarded. The terms and amounts of the settlements are confidential. We will not comment further on these settlements or cases.

“As noted, Ashley Solis is one of the heroines in this story. Her case has not been settled and so her story and that of the other three brave women will continue. »

Last week, Watson reiterated that he was innocent of the numerous allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct during massage sessions that have been brought against him, reports ESPN. He said once again that he does not regret any of his actions, but he admitted that he regrets the impact the allegations have had on those around him.

The NFL told The Associated Press last week that a decision was expected before the start of the camps on the appropriate sanction for Watson. The investigation led by Lisa Friel and Todd Jones is still ongoing.



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