Chihuahua, home of the 2022 Cocaba Women’s Basketball Qualifier – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

It will be the representatives of 6 countries that will be active in the Qualifying Games of the Central American Basketball Confederation Cocaba Mayor Femenil Chihuahua 2022 that will take place in the capital of Chihuahua and that is scheduled to be held from July 26 to 31, when all the details of this great selective sporting event towards Cecaba 2022.

Representative teams from Mexico, Honduras, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala and Costa Rica will be competing in this tournament, with the MBA gym facilities hosting it. The national team will be led by Jonathan Villegas.

With the presence of the director of the ICHD, Tania Teporaca Romero Del Hierro, representing the state governor, María Eugenia Campos Galván, and who was accompanied by Modesto Robledo Robledo, president of Ademeba, Omar Quintero Pereda, director of the Selections Project Nationals, Cristina Chaires de Fierro, member of the senior women’s selection committee and Carlos Alberto Fierro González, member of the senior women’s selection committee, and the nationally selected Chihuahuan player Jessica Torres Barrón.

Regarding the roster of the Mexican team that will be in this competition, Omar Quintero mentioned that the national technical staff has been working in recent weeks on a series of scouting with players from all over the country. Next week will be the competition draw, in a round robin format.

Modesto Gaytán mentioned that with the realization of this event, he reactivates Mexican women’s basketball after several periods without crystallizing participation at the international level after coming from 2 years of not being able to do so due to the already known conditions.

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Omar Quintero, beginning of the FIBA ​​competition cycle, there is a list of 30 players who will be selected from the 12 best whose list will be announced shortly through Jonathan Villegas.



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