Miguel Ángel Borja and Luis Suarez were not registered by River Plate in Copa Libertadores | Libertadores Cup

Very busy start to the week River Plate. Although the confirmation of Luis Suárez was expectedthe millionaire painting gave news regarding the Uruguayan reference already Miguel Angel Borgia.

It is worth remembering that this week the Libertadores Cup 2022 and the deadline for registration expired. CONMEBOL the list of players who will face the round of 16.

The illusion facing the arrival of the two forwards was through the roof. On the one hand, the journalist Bruno Vain had assured that at the beginning of the week the ‘Gunman’ would be made official, something that did not happen; On the other hand, the journalist Sebastián Srur also revealed that River had an offer ready to satisfy Junior and Palmeiras in the Borja case.

In the midst of all this, the cadre led by Marcelo Gallardo lit up social media on Monday night by revealing the bona fide list for series vs. Velez Sarsfield by Liberators.

To the surprise of many, both the Uruguayan and the Colombian are conspicuous by their absence. Which means that they will not play the round of 16 with Millo.

See the list below:

Does this mean that Borja and Suárez will not reach River? Not necessarily. It turns out and happens that the Conmebol regulations allow to continue making changes as the championship progresses.

From the list given for the duel with Vélez, Gallardo has the possibility of substitute three players thinking about an eventual pass to the next round. At least one change is assured: that of Julian Alvarezwho ends the key and leaves for Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.

There is even another detail, although it seems that River’s list has 33 players, there are actually 30 because there are no players for dorsal 3, 16 and 25. The foregoing suggests the inclusion of more footballers.

Now, not everything is rosy. Given the event that River is eliminated, all of the above will go to waste and it would not be worth making a huge investment to play only local competitions. Suárez would fall and Borja would hang by a thread…



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