First gold in the Bolivarian Games for El Salvador

Israel Gutiérrez, shooting, was the first gold winner for the country in the Bolivarianos. In badminton, most nationals won their duels today

Cuscatleco Israel Gutiérrez hit the target and won the gold medal in the sports shooting of the Bolivarian Games of Valledupar. The national achieved it today in the 10-meter air rifle modality, after winning the final with 16 points against Peruvian Cristian Morales (6 points) and Venezuelan Julio Iemma (0 points).

In a new format, which includes the qualifying phase, semifinals and final, the Cuscatleco was the most effective in giving the country the first gold of the competition, and the third medal so far in the Bolivarian Games. In that last phase, the three start from scratch, and the first to reach 16 points wins. On each shot, the best one gets 2 points and so on.

In the semifinals, Gutiérrez finished in second place with a total of 254.6 points, only behind Morales, who had 255. They were followed by Iemma (253), Guatemalan Douglas Oliva (249.3), Diego Santamaría (199.4), also a national, the Chilean Anyelo Parada (196.6), the Ecuadorian Milton Camacho (147.3) and the Peruvian Daniel Vizcarra (146.2).
While in the first stage of the test, Israel was second, with 617.5 points, only behind Anyelo Parada (618.4).

“I was quite excited about the gold medal, the truth is that I was quite good in the classification, I entered the final in second place. The truth is that the development of the competition was quite good, there was good preparation before being here,” Israel said. from Valledupar.

“I entered the semi-final nervously, I tried to calm down a bit because of the anxiety in each shot, but in the end, overcoming that, I managed to go to the stage of direct shots. There it was a little calmer, in the sense that I already knew at that time that I had a medal (at least the bronze), but it was not too much to give that extra and have the bonus to always be first, which is always the goal in each competition, despite already having a medal. until the end, putting him with all the possible desire, and it was possible to make a very good final, the truth, 16 out of 6 points from the Peruvian”, he said.

“At the moment I made the last shot, it was quite an emotion because it is my second time participating in the Bolivarian Games, but it is my first time winning a gold medal. In the past Games I won silver in the laying mode, but not It was an Olympic modality at that time. In this case, winning it, overcoming all those who were there, quite a great experience, beautiful, I am proud to have achieved it,” said the 12-year-old shooter in the federation, although he has competed internationally since 2014.

The athlete will compete this Tuesday in the 10 meter mixed air rifle test with Ana Ramírez, and on Thursday he will participate in the 3×20 rifle in 50 meters.

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Always in that event, but in the female category, Ana Ramírez finished in fifth place overall with 200.5 points, and could not enter the final or “Shoot Off”, for nothing, since third place in the semis (entering the best three to the final stage) went to the Peruvian Lucía Cruz, with 200.9.

From Valledupar, he said that “I aspired to a medal, but there were about two shots that took me out of the fight, and I feel that the lack of competition has taken its toll on me, getting into mental condition to avoid long shots,” he said.

In other sports, Javier Alas and Fátima Centeno, in badminton, beat Venezuelans Calanche Ramírez and Lama Sánchez 2-0 to advance to the quarterfinals. In addition, in the men’s category, Uriel Canjura and Alas defeated Yonatan Linares and Ángel Mariñez, from the Dominican Republic, 2-0. While in singles, Centeno beat Venezuelan Daibelis Mendoza 2-0, and Canjura beat Ecuadorian Alan Erben 2-0. In addition, Daniela Hernández fell against the Peruvian Fernanda Saponara 2-0. On the other hand, in bowling, the delegation closed its participation with a sixth place in the men’s team event.

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