Maria Laura De Vitis Island of the famous has disappointed Luca Daffrè

Maria Laura De Vitis Luca Daffrè

Maria Laura De Vitis Luca Daffrè. Small misunderstanding between Maria Laura De Vitis and Luca Daffrè at the Isola dei Famosi 2022. Luca confided in Carmen Di Pietro, admitting that he was disappointed with the answer given by Maria Laura when Blasi asked her live if she preferred to win the island or go away with Luca: “He said he would throw me out to win… But what does he say? I have marked this thing … she will only see Me in her dream now! “in fact, remembers the castaway.

Who is Maria Laura De Vitis

Born in Reggio Emilia in 1998, Maria Laura has a degree in Communication Sciences. She became popular after her affair with her Paolo Brosio, 42 years her senior. A controversial relationship that according to many would have been studied at the table, accusations that the two have always returned to the sender. Maria Laura and Brosio met after the journalist entered the house of Big Brother Vip. On May 12, 2021, the couple announced the end of their relationship. Now several flirts have been attributed to Maria Laura: from Giorgio Manetti, former knight of Men and Women, to rapper Lorenzo Orsini aka Lollo G.



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