Report of press conference on club management system after 2022-23 season | Sun Rockers Shibuya

Today, June 23, 2022, Hitachi Sun Rockers Co., Ltd. (Sun Rockers Shibuya Operating Company / Hitachi Sun Rockers) will become a wholly owned subsidiary of SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Was announced and a press conference was held. All shares will be transferred from the parent company Hitachi, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hitachi) to SEGA SAMMY, and the club will be operated under a new system after the 2022-23 season. By spreading the entertainment power of SEGA SAMMY to the basket of Sun Rockers Shibuya, we will provide an inspiring experience to as many people as possible.

From the left, Mascot Sandy, Sega Sammy, Haruki Satomi, Hitachi Sun Rockers, Shoichi Uranase

■ SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS CO., LTD. Group CEO: Haruki Satomi Comment
SEGA SAMMY is an entertainment company whose business is to entertain people. Our group’s mission is “Continue to create inspirational experiences-make society more energetic and colorful.” We are working to deliver “inspiring experiences” to many people. We have also been focusing on sports activities. Sports is content that can give an overwhelming emotional experience and sympathy not only to those who play it, but also to those who support it and those who watch it. From now on, I will be deeply involved in team management and face sports more deeply. As a comprehensive entertainment company, we aim to win the league with our fans. Let’s “Energize Japan with basketball!”

■ Comment by Shoichi Uranagase, CEO of Hitachi Sun Rockers Co., Ltd.
The Hitachi Headquarters Basketball Club founded in 1935 and the Hitachi Osaka Basketball Club founded in 1956 merged to form “Hitachi Sun Rockers” in 2000. After that, with the launch of the B League in 2016, we moved our base to Shibuya-ku, Tokyo and have fought for 6 seasons as “Sun Rockers Shibuya”.
The club philosophy of “giving dreams and hopes to all people through basketball and creating new value for the community and community” and the new SEGA SAMMY Group mission “Continuing to create inspirational experiences-more society” There is something in common with “Energetic and colorful.” We want to act on the club’s philosophy and work hard every day to accomplish that mission.
It feels lonely to end the 87-year history of the Hitachi Group, but the history of the team will continue. With SEGA SAMMY, Japan’s leading entertainment company group, we will do our utmost to achieve new growth that we could not achieve by ourselves. We would be grateful for the support and support of our fans.

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