Luymar Hernndez: a multisport project for the summer of the ‘quarry’

Luis Hernandezthe man who, after being reborn, is working to leave a sporting legacy and help improve the quarry of Spanish sport, is not limited to fencing, whose teaching is taught at the Cardenal Cisneros Fencing Club and with the project Fencing Without Borders. This summer, together with a group of elite Venezuelan athletes -some of them olympic level like himself-, promotes a multisport campus plan aimed at boys and girls who want to have fun with contact with various disciplines.

The plan is aimed at boys and girls from eight to 17 years old. Participants will have learning in 5-a-side football, fencing, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and badmintonwith a teaching program designed by specialists in sports and recreation, in which it is not only intended to develop the physical benefits, but focus on cognitive development that promotes sport. The commitment is that young people have a different and attractive sporting experience that encourages them to persevere in sport. The headquarters are the facilities of the Cardenal Cisneros High School in Madridnext to the Plaza de España, and the program takes place in five weekly shifts during the month of July.

Fencing Without Borders Activity

“The idea is that the boys can learn from all sports, that they have a good time practicing all sports,” says Luymar. “We also have to get them out of the technological bubble a bit, because looking to the future it comes in handy. Sport brings with it many very attractive values ​​and you have to plant them from a young age”.

each participant practice each sport one day of the course, and in addition to practice, technical fundamentals will be taught. Thus, in table tennis and badminton, among other skills, the improvement of strokes and situation exercises will be taught; in basketball, 5-a-side football and volleyball, improving individual technique and its application in real game situations, working on decision-making and team play, working on coordination, balance, speed, jumps, etc; in fencing, the initiation, in technique and tactics and the development of skills and abilities psychomotor…

The Community of Madrid has included the Luymar project, the Sports Vacation Plan, in its offer of summer activities. The inscriptions are already open.

Activity of the Fencing Without Borders Project



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