Karate. Last competitions for the youngsters of Judo Treviso

The juniors are busy on Saturday in Bassano del Grappa, a Dutch trip for Beginners and Cadets.

The first competitive semester for the athletes of Judo Treviso ends next weekend. Two very high level commitments to conclude a season that has reserved many satisfactions and among these the fact of being firmly at the regional top thanks to the results of the individuals in the recent Italian championships of the category. If Junior Senior, led by captain Vittorio Maglione back from seventh place in the Italian Cup, on Saturday, they will get on the tatamis set up in Bassano del Grappa to compete in the third stage of the national GP, which after Turin and Perugia stops right in the Vicenza province, much more It will be an arduous journey that beginners and cadets will face, who will reach the town of Venray in the Netherlands to compete in an international tournament that will see over 200 clubs from about twenty different nations descend on the competition mats for over 1700 athletes.



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