June 26 (Sun) Kagawa OG match at Niihama Municipal Baseball Stadium is “Toyo Regional Bureau Day” | News | Ehime Mandarin Pirates Official Website

Ehime Mandarin Pirates is pleased to announce that the home game on June 26th (Sun) will be held as “Toyo Local Station Day” and the following stadium events will be held.




Date and time
June 26, 2022 (Sun) “Toyo Local Station Day”
14:00 match start (12:30 reception start / opening schedule)

Niihama Municipal Baseball Stadium (3-2-54, Shinsukacho, Niihama City)

Kagawa Olive Guyners

Opening Performance / Niihama City Yosakoi Ren Hama Drum ★ Bullet ★ DAN (Hamakko Dandan)
Greetings of encouragement / Mr. Yasushi Yamamoto, Director of Toyo Regional Bureau
National Song Solo / Niihama Boys and Girls Chorus Minami Miura

■ Ceremonial first pitch
Mr. Yasushi Yamamoto, Director of Toyo Regional Bureau

▲ Hama Drum ★ Bullet ★ DAN



【important】To all visitors

Please cooperate with the following to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus.

① Please wear a mask when you enter or watch the game, except when eating or drinking.

② Disinfection of fingers and temperature measurement at the entrance

③ Refrain from cheering loudly

④ Use of seats according to the rules of the stadium (securing social distance)

⑤ Diligent hand washing / disinfection of fingers in the stadium, etc.


Infection control 1_trimming_rs.jpg


Infection control seat.jpeg


Visitor reception.jpeg


Free admission for elementary, middle and high school students!

Ehime Mandarin Pirates’ home game is all games this seasonFree admission for elementary, middle and high school studentsI will. Please enjoy the power of baseball that you see live on this occasion. (The conventional admission fee on the day is 500 yen for elementary and junior high school students and 1,000 yen for high school students)


Fun lottery held!

A handbook “Ehime Toyo Walk” (provided by the Toyo Regional Bureau) that provides recommended information on Toyo’s industrial heritage and surrounding sightseeing and experience facilities, and wonderful prizes provided by companies in Niihama (provided by the Toyo Regional Bureau)Besshiame HonnpoProvided by “Polypoli”,HatadaProvided by “Doraichi”,Ehime eastern Yakult salesWe will hold a lottery to win the “Health Ramen” provided by Mr. Sama after the bottom of the 5th inning. Lottery tickets will be distributed at the time of admission.

Toyo walk resizing.jpg

▲ “Walking around Ehime Toyo”


“Who is today’s MVP⁈” will also be held!

Predict and vote for the player to be selected as the MVP of this match, and win a luxurious prize!



◎ Lady Drug Store 2,000 yen gift certificate for 5 people (Provided by:Lady drug storelooks)

Lady Gift Certificate_rs.JPG

【Voting method】

Please anticipate “Today’s MVP” by the start of the 6th inning and post it in the ballot box installed in the stadium. * Ballots will be distributed at the time of admission.

Please anticipate “Today’s MVP” by the start of the 6th inning and send it to the following address. * Please vote one by one.

(Email address)

(DM destination) To the official Twitter of the team

[Entry items]

① MVP expected player’s number and name ② Your name ③ Prize delivery address ④ Phone number

* The personal information provided will not be used for any purpose other than “this project” and “notice of the game being held by our team”.



■ To the Ehime Mandarin Pirates player who hit a good play or a home run after the match“Good Play Award”or“Home run award”(Provided by:Hime Rice Co., Ltd.looks,Hakata Salt Company Co., Ltd.Sama) will be presented.

Good play award.JPG


HR Award.jpeg


■ Stadium gourmet information(Scheduled to open a store)

You can enjoy authentic German sausages!

German house photo_rs.jpg


You can enjoy various arrangements of banana juice!


Please enjoy the hot fried chicken chips, handmade fried gyoza, etc.!



Live distribution & throwing money planning is also carried out on YouTube!

All home games will be streamed live on YouTube Ehime Mandarin Pirates official channel.

In addition, we also carry out a popular throwing money project. You can support not only the team, but also the manager, coaches, and players by “throwing money”.

Internet relay .png


■ To watch the game safely and with peace of mindCountermeasures against new coronavirus infectionImplemented

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, we have posted “Countermeasures against infectious diseases in games hosted by Ehime Mandarin Pirates and Requests to Visitors” on our website. Please read it before you visit us.



that’s all






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