Judo: for the 60th anniversary of the club, a vibrant tribute to Roger Foissac

Saturday June 11, the Barrezien Judo Club paid a moving tribute to Roger Foissac on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the foundation. His passion for this discipline came to him while passing in front of a Ruthenian dojo and in 1961 he enrolled and trained with the master of martial arts, Raymond Saké. A supervisor at the Mur-de-Barrez college, he set up, with the help of a few friends, the structure we know today. Gilbert Ignace and Joël Ménégat, initiated by Roger Foissac from an early age, are joined by Bernard Horwath, all three holders of the Brevet d’Etat. During the 1980s, the French disabled sports team (blind) came to complete their training at the Pleau holiday village. In 2003, taking advantage of the knowledge of champions like MM. Prieur, Fléchinger and Fleuret, a big challenge is born: to invite 14 nations for a big tournament. The success was such that in 2006, the association applied to organize the World Handisport Judo Championship. The bet is won and 37 nations will be present. During this tribute, Gérard Masson, president of the Handisport Federation reminded us how much this event is still present in the memories of all the competitors of the time. To finalize this beautiful day, the town hall of Mur-de-Barrez, Carladez sport nature and the Barrézien Judo Club have joined forces to officially inaugurate the dojo which will bear the name of Roger Foissac. Jean Valadier, Annie Cazard, representatives of the community of Communes ACV, the mayors and municipal councilors surrounded the family of Mr. Foissac and their friends.

The 25 young judokas present received a medal after a great demonstration on the tatami. A dinner aperitif and a birthday cake decorated with 60 candles closed this beautiful day.



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