Goalkeeper Klewin should also stay – Huth there! And three new ones for Aue – 2nd Bundesliga

Third division team Aue started preparing for the new season on Sunday afternoon.

The new coaching team around boss Timo Rost (43) was presented to the 800 fans as well as a total of 28 professionals, including 13 new players.

One of them: Elias Huth (25)! The striker (played in the 3rd division for Zwickau, Kaiserslautern and Halle) received a contract with FC Erzgebirge until June 30, 2024 (plus option). Rost: “He has proven in this league that he can score goals. Two or three other clubs were also involved with him. He belongs to the difference player category.”

Club boss Helge Leonhardt (63) on Huth’s commitment: “We had to make a big point. I’m grateful that the boy wants to go with me. It wasn’t about the money.”

Also on Sunday, ex-Bayreuthers Tim Danhof (25) and Ivan Knezevic (28) were signed until 2024 and Nico Gorzel (23/most recently Türkgücü Munich) until 2023. Rost announced: “We will bring in more quality players for two or three positions.”

There is hardly any need for action in the goalkeeper position. While Martin Männel (34), who was still injured on his knee, was doing his laps on the field, the new goalkeeping coach Tomislav Piplica (53) and new signing Lukas Sedlak (22/Jena) also heated up Philipp Klewin (28) with crosses and shots on goal.

Rost on BILD demand: “Tomislav made me understand that Klewin is not bad. He also knows Aue – and as long as Martin Männel’s injury is in the air, we would do well to keep Klewin. That’s why he got an offer from us. I assume he will stay.”

It is now also clear: The members of the former coaching team with goalkeeping coach Daniel Haas (38), assistant coach Marc Hensel (36) and athletic and rehabilitation coach Marco Kampf (50) no longer work with the team or in the club. Club boss Leonhardt said succinctly: “It has been properly regulated internally.”

The first test match for the FCE is on Sunday (2 p.m.) against the regional league club Berliner AK.


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