From the mistake of thinking that the Libertadores is Boca’s “obsession” to the possible arrival of Arturo Vidal: 11 sentences by Sebastián Battaglia

Sebastian Battaglia spoke with ESPN and recounted everything he experienced since his confirmation as coach of the first division of Boca Juniors. “Before you start directing I spent a lot of time thinking about it a lot, until I made the decision that this was going to be my profession”, he highlighted.

”What happens is that in Boca I added 19 titles, but 17 were as a player, and repeating that as a coach is difficult, but for now I’ve already had two in six months, “he said. And in this regard, he said that he met at the Ribera club “with many youth players who have a great future and that they will be very useful to the team”.

”And although the transfer book is open, I am very satisfied with the squad we have. For example we know what Arturo Vidal could bring us, and Martin Payero I know from when I was working in Banfield with Julio Falcioni. We haven’t had the chance to talk to the Chilean yet, but it’s obvious that he’s going to prioritize Argentine football, not just Boca. He can contribute a lot to the squad, ”he warned about a possible hiring that has been dismissed for now. ”They tell me that I am calm when he leads the team, but the truth is that I am calm although sometimes the procession goes insideand it helps me a lot to know as much as Boca is from the inside”, he said.

The technical director of Boca acknowledged that he had to assume the position in replacement of Miguel Russo “in a complicated stage” for the team. “But in this no one is guaranteed success, neither the youngest nor the most experienced coach. I do believe in my convictions in the things I learned from Bianchi, Bielsa, Falcioni and Miguel (Russo). You have to handle yourself in the best way with the group, be part of them, not friends but have confidence because they are the ones who enter the field and they have your back. Nobody has the recipe for success, because otherwise everyone would be winners”he expressed.

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“And that includes the fact of always trying to help the players, as happened with Alan Varela, for example, who started well, then declined and now he’s fine again, and we accompanied him throughout that journey,” he said. .

Battaglia assured that “there was not a single game to highlight or even to question. With Godoy Cruz and Racing they weren’t good, nor was the 1-1 draw with Arsenal, but for example with Corinthians they played well”. And he stressed: ”We work a lot at the group level and we consider that everyone is important, so those who were outside later gave up when it was their turn to enter.”

”But for example, since I believe in what I do, It was not difficult for me to make the decision to apply a sanction to Agustín Almendra. Afterwards, everything that is said must be left out, ”she sentenced. Finally he highlighted the Brazilians “Palmeiras and Flamengo as the best profiled to fight for the title in this Libertadores Cup. Boca has not had the opportunity to win it for a long time, but that it has to be a goal and not an obsession, it is a mistake to think that. Our litter got used to people badly, it left the bar very high. Thinking only about winning the Cup is a mistake, but we must compete, reach a final again and try to win it. There are very tough rivals, with a long history, but it is also true that nobody likes to cross paths with us. Hopefully I can continue to be Boca’s coach for a long time, but I think about the day to day, in this tournament and I believe in long-term projects”, he completed.

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