From bridge to judo and from softball to golf: these are this week’s champions

We start with an unusual branch of sport: rowing. At competitions for students on the Bosbaan in Amsterdam, the team from the Haarlemse Rudolf Steinercollege a more than excellent achievement by becoming Dutch champion. The five – four boys and a girl and all first graders – left all the other students behind.

Also at the Haarlem HBC Gymnastics they have a few toppers in the house. The competition group gymnastics at least four competitions per season and all girls in the photo have won a medal at a competition. This can be a pre-match, a regional final, but also a device championship.

Then a sport for which you need to be a little less elastic: bridge. Bee Bridge Club Sansation in Bloemendaal, after a major interruption due to corona, the bridge evenings were resumed in February. The championship title of the 2021-2022 season goes to a triumvirate: Jan de Wit, Marianne Giliam-Ronchetti and Paul van Deursen. ,,We hope for the new season that many new members will sign up. Because we are dealing with a decreasing number of participants”, reports Sansation.

Lennart Stut is the first winner of the Mendelcollege Open Golf Tournament. In the photo he receives the prize from tournament director Rens Hoogewerf.


And from golf we rumble on to badminton. At the Haarlemse BC Duinwijck some great great talents are walking around. This became apparent at NJK badminton in Tilburg, where three girls were awarded prizes. Mette Kool (10 years old), won two titles: in the girls’ doubles and in the mixed doubles and she also took silver in the singles under 13. Florine Wille (15) just about copied that performance. She became champion in girls’ doubles and mixed doubles and also took second place in singles under 17. Finally, Meerte Loos (16) is also in the photo. She finished second in the girls’ doubles under 19.

The Haarlemse delivered a special performance Nicoline Alberts-Hetem who became European champion judo among the veterans, category 30 to 34 years. After being retired for ten years, she has made her comeback. This was a first milestone and her ultimate goal: to become Dutch champion.

We have arrived at softball. Kinheim a golden future awaits given the performance of the U15 teams. U15-1 became Dutch champion U15-3 took the title in the district.


Of course you can also become a champion with your school. That’s what the team of group 3 van The Beekvliet at the Dubbel6kamp that was held in Sporthal Zeewijk in IJmuiden. Twelve teams from various schools in Velsen competed in a large number of games under the supervision of SportSupport neighborhood sports coaches. The team of De Beekvliet from Velserbroek therefore took the gold.

Finally, a whole bunch of football champions. Like JO12-1 from SV Overbos from Hoofddorp who remained unbeaten all year. And what about JO14-1 from Alliance ’22 who became spring champion. And that in the anniversary year of the 100-year-old Haarlem club.

SV Hoofddorp greeted three champions: JO14-1, JO13-1 and JO16-1. The former sent a photo and is therefore featured on these pages.

Today’s last champion is DSOV2. Where the first team of the Vijfhuizense club was unable to prevent relegation, the second team did a lot better. The team became champions in the third division by a large margin. The lion’s share of the team played in the youth last year. ,,Together with a few old hands, the men were unstoppable”, the club reports.



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