Former No. 1 Mark Abel was called up to the major league by the Philadelphia Phillies

Mark Abell, the 2013 No. 1 whose baseball career included a three-year absence from the sport, was called up to his first major league on Saturday at the age of 30.

Philadelphia Phillies Apple brought in Triple A’s right-hand man Lehigh Valley because he’s loyal Conor Brogdon Interim director Rob Thompson told reporters Friday night that he was on the list of those infected with the COVID-19 virus.

“Completely overwhelmed. I have so many thoughts I want to share but I can’t find the words so I’m just saying I’m grateful.” chirp Saturday morning. “Today I’m playing a game that I love as a Major League Baseball player.”

Abel has spent the last two seasons promoting double- and triple-A’s for the Phillies. He has a 5-0 and 1.61 ERA record in 19 games with Lehigh Valley this season.

He returned to the Phillies in 2021 after announcing in February 2018 that he was staying away from baseball following injuries to the labrum and rotator cuff that eventually required surgery.

The Pittsburgh Pirates, one of the most decorated pitchers in NCAA history, drafted Abell 8th overall in 2012 but returned to Stanford in his freshman season and picked the Houston Astros first in 2013, ahead of one spot. Chris Bryant. Appel joined the Phillies when he was picked up in the December 2015 trade that was approaching Ken Giles nach Houston.

On Saturday, the Phillies play the third game in a four-game series against the San Diego Padres after tying the first two games.

Information from ESPN’s David Schoenefeld was used in this report.



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