“For me it’s a big mistake”

Invited to discuss the news of the day in NBA Extra this Monday noon, Evan Fournierteammate of Rudy Gobert in the France team, reacted to the departure of Jazz from Quin Snyder.

The latter was announced by Woj overnight.

“- Did Jazz need a change?

– No, for me it’s a big mistake. And even talking about trading Rudy or Donovan and breaking that duo is a big mistake. Utah is not a team that will find a big free agent, it is not a very attractive team on the market, the players do not necessarily want to go play there. Wrongly because it is a very serious franchise. They have a formula that works, they finished first in the regular season last year. Every team goes through ups and downs.

When you look at Boston, which is in the NBA Finals, last year they struggled, they almost missed the playoffs. There on January 11 they were 11th in the conference. They’re struggling to find their rhythm and in Utah they’re a bit like that, they’re not missing much. »

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