Fontaine-Étoupefour. Joseph Terhec leads the judo club course

The weekend of the Judo-club fayacain intercom ended with a training course in the presence of Joseph Terhec, all day Sunday.

Member of the French team in + 100 kg, that of Teddy Riner, whom he beat during the French team championships in 2020, Joseph Terhec is from Orne and had Joseph Antoine Piel as coach, technical director of the Judo-club fayacain intercom, when he was at the hopes pole.

Since then, the two have kept in regular contact. When Jo told me that he was organizing this course and asked me if I was available, I immediately said yes.

Currently resting, Joseph Terhec does not hesitate to take advantage of a family weekend to come and give advice and even share the techniques he is putting in place for the next competitions. Where I’m a little disappointed is that Jo went to great lengths to organize this course, which he had opened up to all the Normandy clubs and that among the sixty or so participants, the vast majority come from here.

Joseph Antoine Piel also shares this feeling but prefers to remain positive throughout the weekend. With 200 participants at the gala on Friday evening, 200 at the events and tournaments on Saturday, it was a successful weekend, for which I would like to thank all the volunteers.



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