FC Barcelona: Laporta, from the banners to the levers

It is one thing to become president by making the members dream of the greatness of the past and quite another to manage the poisoned and unthinkable legacy of Josep Mara Bartomeu. As a castizo would say, the Bara is ‘boquern’ and thus it is impossible to compete in the pool of sharks. FC Barcelona is light years away from the state clubs, but also from Real Madrid, Bayern Munich

and all the aristocracy of the Premier League.

Laporta is a tightrope walker without the ability to move

, trapped by the favor that Florentino Prez did for him, who sponsored the regulatory change so that the directors did not have to guarantee a percentage of the budget with their own assets. The hope of the Super League is a chimera, but supporting the anti-Thebes axis – “an employee of the clubs” according to vice president Eduard Romeu – has become an obligation.

A president, with his hands tied, at the mercy of investment funds

who smell blood like no one else and are going to mortgage the main Barça assets for at least five decades. The problem is trying to lengthen the story of hope and fall into contradictions.

Let the bell signing names flow, like Lewandowski’s, when you can’t afford the player’s salary

it generates a problem of credibility towards the outside and towards the squad itself, which will not give in again. And that, selling Messi… Although it hurts, it is much better to face reality, first explain to Xavi that the sports roadmap and his idea of ​​signings is implantable.

The coach will also have to reinvent himself

, form a group, put on a good face in bad weather and get into the top four of the League, as a lesser evil. Then, openly tell the fans themselves that it will be impossible to compete on an equal footing for the next two years and that strategic players will have to leave the club to shorten the terms of the solution. Banner time is over. It is time to manage, not to excite. If expectations are lowered, the Bara will take less time to come back and will come back stronger.

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