Why is Pilsen strengthening players without a contract? Didn’t the previous clubs have a reason why they didn’t give them a contract? asks the expert

“What reason does Pilsen have to give them a contract? Or not put the club he comes from? ”The former representative thinks aloud.

However, he also sees a great positive in the progress of the reigning league champion in the fact that the club is apparently preparing for the possible departure of the number one goalkeeper Jindřich Staňek in advance. “I think that’s how clubs should work,” he says, adding: “I have an excellent goalkeeper – Staňka – and it is possible that an offer will come. So I have nothing to wait for and I have to work on a replacement,” says Mareš. .

We evaluate the reinforcements of Pilsen in the program PŘÍMÁK.Video:

“I have to work so that I can immediately include another goalkeeper, and it can’t be a goalkeeper from a back, a youngster or a junior, it has to be a proven player to catch a league, God forbid Champions League,” he adds.

You can find more about the transfers of Viktoria Plzeň in the video from the football program PŘÍMÁK. You can also play the whole episode in video or podcast.


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