Elkan Baggott Quickly Checks HP See Supporters Welcome to the Indonesian National Team, Indonesia – Elkan Baggott was actually very curious to see the fans’ welcome to the Indonesian national team after successfully advancing to the 2023 Asian Cup. He even rushed to check his cellphone to see the welcome.

As is known, Elkan became one of the important figures behind the success of the Garuda squad to perform again on the prestigious football stage in Asia. He was always played as a starter by coach Shin Tae-yong in three matches in the 2023 Asian Cup qualifiers.

Elkan Baggott Directly Supported by His Parents in Kuwait
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In fact, Elkan Baggott also managed to score one goal in the seven-goal party of the Indonesian national team against Nepal in the final match. Obviously, Indonesia’s success was greeted with a special by the supporters. This condition actually made Elkan curious.

Elkan Baggott Quickly Checks HP See Supporters Welcome to the Indonesian National Team

“Honestly, I immediately checked my cellphone to see the video because I was straight back home (Ipswich). A lot of people are waiting for (the national team) at the airport, this is amazing,” said Elkan Baggott, quoted from the video uploaded by Ipswich Town on Twitter.

Elkan Baggott Shows off Can Score

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Elkan was successful in scoring goals in the qualification. His goal was his second for the Garuda squad after previously scoring against Malaysia in the 2020 AFF Cup. This success made the 19-year-old defender happy when he was interviewed by Ipswich Town.

Elkan Baggott Shows off Can Score Goals for Indonesia against Ipswich Town

“At that time we did control the game, so it was only a matter of time before we scored. At that time, the ball fell at my feet and thankfully the ball went into the goal. It was very good and we were able to achieve the target we wanted, which was to qualify for the Asian Cup. We can make it happen after 15 years (of absence from the Asian Cup),” he concluded.

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