Eintracht Frankfurt: What was Hinteregger’s ex-partner in the scandalous tournament? – Bundesliga

HE has nothing to look for there!

The right-wing extremist Heinrich Sickl (49) also appeared at the “Hinti-Cup” leisure tournament hosted by Frankfurt defender Martin Hinteregger (29) in his home village of Sirnitz/Austria. The former FPÖ politician chatted with the Carinthian locals and carried beer barrels into the marquee.

The defender had officially ended his collaboration with Sickl. This makes Hinteregger’s distancing from Sickl unbelievable…

But Hinteregger sees himself as a victim in the matter anyway. self-criticism?

None! Hinteregger on Sky: “There was a media hunt and I was the center of attention. I’m sure I was used as a pawn for some political stuff.”

No one accuses Hinti of being right-wing himself. But to have made common cause with a right.

Not the only sentences that caused Eintracht to shake their heads. Especially since the interviews were conducted without consulting the club.

The statements about his sporting future at Eintracht in the “Kronen-Zeitung” are also piquant.

Hinteregger: “I will definitely end my professional career at Eintracht Frankfurt.” His contract in Frankfurt runs until 2024. Does he possibly want to end his career in two years? An extension is currently no longer an issue.

In addition, there is also the report interview with Eintracht soccer boss Markus Krösche (41) before the start of training (June 27).

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