“Daugavpils” wins the last game at “Celtnieks” stadium

“Daugavpils” beat the newcomers “Super Nova” in their field with 1: 0 (0: 0).

For Daugavpils, this was the last game in “Builder”, and, according to the club, it will not play home games any time soon.

50 minutes into the game, William Mukvele almost gave the visitors the lead, as he clipped a delicate lob over the keeper, but the ball glanced harmlessly off the crossbar.

After 79 minutes, the home side managed to get a 1 – 0 lead as Kirila Iļjina flipped the ball in after a cross from the right.

“Daugavpils” played from 0: 2 in the previous game and won 3: 2 over the “Metta” team, ending a series of six losses. “Super Nova” lost to the leader “Valmiera” with a minimum of 0: 1 and is still without victories this season.

Due to the warnings, Daugavpils could not be helped by Idov Akintola, who played in previous matches from call to call.

In the first round, both teams fought undefeated 0: 0.
“Spartaks” and “Metta” from Jūrmala are also in the 18th round game on Tuesday.

Valmiera is at the top of the tournament table with 44 points in 17 matches, but RFS is the same number of points in games. In the third place is “Riga” with 37 points, but behind the first three is “Liepāja” with 36 points, these teams also play 17 games.

“Auda” is in the fifth place with 24 points in 16 battles, but “Daugavpils” is in the fifth place with 21 points. 13 points in 17 battles are “Metta”, 11 points in 16 duel are “Tukums 2000” for “Telms” team, eight points in 16 battles are “Spartaks”, while five points in 18 matches are “Super Nova “unit.

Ten teams play in the 2022 Super League. In the Premier League championship last season, for the first time in the history of the club, RFS triumphed, “Valmiera” took the second place, and “Liepāja” won bronze awards.

Meanwhile, the championship team “Riga” took the fourth place in the previous three seasons.

The teams of Auda, Tukums 2000 / TSS and Super Nova took the first three places in the Optibet Future Season season, joining the Premier League clubs.

It is planned to play the games in four rounds from March 11 to November 13.



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