Czechia – Turkey 3: 1, Sensation! Czech volleyball players won the European League after 18 years

The Czech volleyball players played the Final Four after four years, in 2018 they were not enough for Estonia in the fight for the winning trophy. They entered today’s final in Varaždin, Croatia, and won the first set, in which coach Jiří Novák gave an opportunity to both universals Jakub Indra and Marek Šotol, as well as recorders Luboš Bartůňek and Jiří Srb. At Šotol’s service, the Czechs bounced back to 20:16 and, thanks to their fighting spirit and patience in the attack, they comfortably won at 25:21.

In the second set, the Czech players did not succeed so much in serving and had problems defending fast Turkish combinations. The defenders of the trophy led most of the set. At 21:17, however, a second Serb recorder began to serve on the service and the defense caught up again, so the little-seen turn at 23:21 came for the Czechia. In the end, the Czechs turned the first setball, even though they had to wait quite a long time for it. The Turks had the whistle-checked cars checked by a video referee, but he was unable to assess the situation, so to the displeasure of the Turkish coach, the original verdict applied.

In the fourth set, the Czech volleyball players, who led 16:12, had the upper hand again. But then they made a few mistakes, the Turks gradually took the lead at 23:22 and danced a group of their supporters in an otherwise practically empty hall. But the Czechs did not allow a tie-break. They took the tight lead back, and when right-hander Adam Zajíček sent the ball through the net with an unconventional left hand, they already had a third ball. Martin Licek turned it with an ace. “It’s wonderful what more to say. I’m glad we did it today and we have gold,” he rejoiced in the media recording.

The leader of the Czech team was the smashman Jan Galabov, who attacked with a success rate of over 70 percent and scored 21 points. “It’s indescribable emotions. We didn’t have high hopes before that match that we could do it, but we cut it off on the pitch. Some tactical things helped us and we made it to a victorious end. We had nothing to lose. The Turks were “It was definitely better for us and we could have gone head on, headless,” said the Czech smoker. He was seconded by both universals, who scored over ten points.

Captain Zajíček ranks this triumph among his greatest achievements. “Titles are titles, but that’s the club level, I haven’t had gold with a national. Every gold medal I’ve ever won has a story. This one is unique again, the season was challenging and after various ups and downs, this happened “I’m very happy,” he said.

The Czech players, like their national teammates, will have the opportunity in the Challenger Cup, which is a qualification for the elite League of Nations. The men’s tournament will be hosted by Korea at the end of July.

European Volleyball League in Varaždin (Croatia):
Czechia – Turkey 3: 1 (21, 22, -21, 25)
Judges: Herbik (Pol.), Boris (It.). Time: 121 min. Attendance: 1000.
Squad and points of the Czech Republic: Licek 10, Zajíček 7, Indra 12, Galabov 21, Sedláček 2, Bartůněk 1, libero Moník – Šotola 16, Srb 1, Polák 2, Špulák.
Turkey ‘s most points: A. Lagumdzija 19, M. Lagumdzija 11, Savas, Bayram and Gülmezoglu after 9.
3rd place:
Croatia – Ukraine 3: 2 (20, 19, -18, -17, 15).


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