coup de theater for Dembélé, a surprise signing is looming!

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For many months now, the future of Ousmane Dembélé agitates the news of Barça. The French winger was first pushed out in January, for lack of an extension, before finding a starting place in Xavi’s eleven at the end of the season where he will have shown a regularity in performance rarely seen. since his arrival in 2017.

Enough to revive Barça’s desire to extend it, except that Dembélé has let the file drag on for several months to obtain a good contract, with PSG and Chelsea announced in the race. But according to journalist Javi Miguel, a new turning point is looming!

Dembélé will finally extend!

Indeed, Dembélé would have finally decided to everyone’s surprise to accept Barça’s extension offer which dates … from last December, after asking Xavi to put pressure on Laporta. Except that the technician would have assured him that there would be no new offer and that his only choice was to sign or leave … Dembélé would therefore have resolved to sign this new lease with the Blaugranas, he who is coming to the end of the contract in a few weeks!

to summarize

Ousmane Dembélé, the French winger of Barça, would be very close to making his choice. With a rather surprising decision! The French winger has indeed decided to ultimately accept Barcelona’s extension offer, which dates back several months!

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