ATP, Roland Garros > Moya: “Even if you’re more of a fan of Djokovic or Federer, it’s hard not to admire what Nadal accomplishes”

Alongside Rafael Nadal since his uncle, Toni, stopped working with his nephew in 2018, Carlos Moya is an essential link in Rafa’s success.

Absent from Wimbledon to spend time with his family, leaving Francisco Roig as Mallorca’s only coach, the former world number one gave a long interview to Europsort in which he returns in particular to the legacy of Nadal after an improbable 14e coronation at Roland-Garros.

“If you saw the daily, everything that happened in the last month, you would appreciate it a lot more. I know people appreciate it, but it would be even more appreciated. It’s not that I’m surprised because my confidence in him is maximum, but it’s true that, if you stop to think that he won 14 Roland Garros, with everything he had, he it’s hard not to admire it. Even if you’re not a Rafa fan, if you’re more of a Djokovic or Federer fan, it’s hard not to admire what he accomplishes. I’m not a Real Madrid fan but I totally admire the way the club won that last Champions League, those are feats that go beyond tastes, that’s the beauty of sport. »



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