Cantù, the Serie A dream is shattered. To go up is Scafati

The season of Acqua S.Bernardo stops in Game 5 of the playoff final. Givova Scafati is going up in Serie A, driven by a notable field factor. At PalaMangano he ends 73 to 60.

Scafati-Cantù, the race

The canturini appear at the duo with Vitali in the quintet together with Allen, Severini, Da Ros Bayehe; the hosts respond with Monaldi, the returning Clarke, Ikangi, Cucci and De Laurentiis.

Great balance in the first moments of the match, with the two teams tied after just under three and a half minutes of play; 6 to 6. Then, the tearing of the bells, rocky in defense with Cucci and lethal from beyond the arch with Clarke; the latter sends two heavy “bombs” to target that launch Scafati ahead 14-6 in the middle of the first fraction. From the bench Cournooh, the only ex on the parquet, stretches bringing Givova forward by three full possessions. 20 to 11 about a minute from the end of the first ten minutes. At the siren the gap becomes wider: local ahead 21 to 11.

The second period begins in the worst way for Cantù, down by seventeen points at 12 ‘. The Gialloblù run away at 28 to 11 forcing coach Sodini to stop the game. PalaMangano is truly a bedlam. Upon returning, the Brianza area moved to the defense zone, managing to partially limit the home attack. Then, however, the hosts return to grind points, finding, with Ikangi, again the +17. At 15 ‘scafatesi ahead 32 to 15. Canturino attack blocked, Ikangi and Clarke take advantage of it once again. The team coached by coach Rossi escapes to +22 and then, again with a possessed Clarke, also up to +23. The American winger is very hot from three points; S.Bernardo water on the ropes. At the interval along the partial he leaves little chance for Cantù, below 40 to 19.

The second half begins as the first had finished and that is with the Givova very precise from three points: Ikangi hits the big target. Monaldi follows him, author of the maximum scafatese advantage; 45-21 after three minutes of the third quarter. The gap leaves little hope but Cantù clings to the energy of Bayehe, certainly the most perky in the third portion of the game. Thanks to Bucarelli first and Nikolic then, the canturini manage to reduce the distance, however significant one minute from the thirtieth. 54-36. Rotation problems for coach Sodini: fourth personal foul for Stefanelli. After an exchange of triples between Clarke and Bucarelli the third period ends 61-42.

Luck doesn’t kiss Cantù: ready, go, a triple from captain Rossato pushes the hosts. The exclamation point is put by Mobio, who, with a nail on the iron, literally sends the warm Campania public into raptures. Sodini time out: 66-42 at 31 ‘. At 33 ‘the Campanians reach 70 points, leaving the Brianza stationary at 45. At 35’ a triple from Monaldi, which gives Givova the +22, sends the credits to the final of the A2 Silver Board. It ends 73 to 60 (

Scafati-Cantù, the race

Givova Scafati-Acqua S.Bernardo Cantù 73-60 (21-11, 19-8; 21-23, 12-18)

Scafati: Mobio 4, Daniel 6, Grimaldi, Perrino, Parravicini 3, De Laurentiis 8, Clarke 18, Rossato 8, Cournooh 5, Monaldi 8, Cucci 2, Ikangi 11. All. Rossi

Cantù: Stefanelli 3, Bryant 8, Vitali 6, Nikolic 7, Borsani ne, Da Ros 4, Bucarelli 14, Cusin, Bayehe 14, Allen 4, Severini, Tarallo in All. Sodini

Referees: Gagliardi, Caforio and Salustri.


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