Bottles of champagne at 3,500 euros each, a VIP Pass in a box at 93,000 euros, the crazy evening of a Manchester City player

This is an evening at great expense! On vacation in Las Vegas, Manchester City player Jack Grealish spent lavishly. The Englishman was seen in several places this weekend and, each time, he heated his bank card. He bought during his evening, tells the British daily “the Sun” several bottles of Jeroboam, a famous and above all very expensive champagne. Each bottle cost him 3500 euros each! In a Vegas nightclub, he also paid for a single evening, a VIP Pass for the modest sum of 93,000 euros. For this price, Jack Grealish was entitled to another 116 bottles of champagne for him and his clan.

A witness at his party told The Sun, “They danced and carried each other on their backs in the pool. The star took a dip and wiggled to the DJ’s tracks and rock and pop hits. He’s enjoying some well-deserved rest after a tough Premier League championship but looked tired and emotional as he walked through the hotel. “In the city of the game, the English international also stayed in a hotel at 5800 euros per night. It is not known how long he remained there.

Champion of England with Manchester City, club where he arrived last summer, Jack Grealish is accustomed to escapades. During the Premier League coronation a few weeks ago, he had chambered his teammate Bernardo Silva during the celebrations. He had waited to be given the microphone to drop a small tackle on Silva. “I would like to thank everyone (for the title). But the person I want to thank in particular is Bernardo Silva, for going out in the 70th yesterday because he really sucked! he exclaimed. Since 2020, the left winger has 20 caps for the England team.

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