Bolivia heading to the Bolivarian Games of Valledupar – Sports

The national delegation was absent today (03:10) to the city of Valledupar, Colombia to play in the Bolivarian Sports Games that will begin on Friday, June 24.

The first group that took flight this morning, from Santa Cruz, was made up of 25 people, especially fencing members, who have been in action since Thursday.

For this international contest, the Bolivian Olympic Committee (COB) announced the list of 206 athletes who will seek to impose new national records and reach the podium.

The group that traveled to Colombia is made up of the fencers: Sarah Victoria Endara, Rafaela Luciana Bonadona, Camila Jazmín Torrico, Carlos Fernando Chacón, Julián Mayer, Esteban Mayer, Camila Meneses, Iván Guillén, Mariana Bustos, Marco Verduguez, Guillermo García, Álvaro García, Constanza García, Gabriel Virreira, Mateo Granda and José Antonio Siles.

Bowling specialty athletes will also take flight with José Ignacio Miranda, Jian Yang Fan, Ronald Michael Simmons and Mauricio Oelsner.

Likewise, the Chief of Mission, Alex Camacho, head of the Bolivian Baseball and Softball Federation, was absent. In addition, Alba Gamarra and Freddy León, who must coordinate the logistics issue at the venue of the event.

Within the COB flight plan, the national team will undertake trips to Valledupar in groups according to the date of their participation in the Games.

For tomorrow the trip of the athletes in the specialty of Volleyball and Road Cycling is planned. On the 23rd, athletes from gymnastics, boxing, softball, judo, karate, handball, badminton and squash will travel.

From Friday the 24th, the athletes who are part of the different specialties such as bicycle cross, soccer, weightlifting, swimming, skating, sports shooting, archery, triathlon and athletics, among others, will travel.


The swimmer Karen Tórrez and the fencer Marco Rojas were chosen as the flag bearers of the national delegation.

By international regulations, since the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, each National Committee must present two flag bearers, a woman and a man.

POSSIBLE AWARDS Among the athletes with medal aspirations are: Jhoselyn Camargo, Héctor Garibay, Vidal Basco and David Ninavia, in athletics; Ever Quisbert, in boxing; Micaela Sarabia and José Manuel Aramayo, in road cycling; Marco Rojas, Julián and Esteban Mayer, in fencing; Constanza Quiroga, in golf; Maria Celeste Áñez, in taekwondo.

Karen Tórrez, María José Ribera, Esteban Núñez del Prado and José Alberto Quintanilla, in swimming; Anahi Saavedra, in figure skating; Mayte Paredes, in archery; Rudolf Knijnenburg and César Menacho, in sports shooting, to name a few elite athletes.



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