Basketball La Línea ‘re-opens’ its pavilion this Friday with a Spain-Australia under-17 basketball game

The May 20, 1988 Cacaolat Granollers, one of the relevant teams in Spanish basketball at the time, and the University of Michigan, played the match that served to inaugurate the sports pavilion of the Line. This June 24, 2022, the rejuvenated facility will live another of the moments that will mark its history, the reopening, the premiere of the profound remodeling to which it has been subjected. As then, the pretext will be a basketball game, which will face at 20:30 at Under-17 teams from Spain and Australia. Admission is free, until full capacity.

Thirty-four years, one month and four days later after it opened its doors for the first time, the new La Línea pavilion shows this friday (20:30) its new image to the linenses. A basketball friendly between the Cacaolat Granollers and the University of Michigan It was the first of the events that were staged in that pavilion, but just a few days later the venue housed the Spanish Futsal Cup -televised throughout Spain, which was then an event- with the participation of Interviú, Cuéllar Cajasegovia, Redislogar Cotransa and Blanes. The first of them was proclaimed champion. As of this Friday, the ancient facility will have entered the 21st century.

The facility prepares for his new coming-out. In the middle an investment close to 500,000 euros carried out by the City Council, which commands La Línea 100×100 with an absolute majority. It is enough to enter the enclosure to be surprised with the baskets and the Fiba-1 parquet (the one that allows hosting matches of the highest level), with the tarnished covers, the plastic seats or the internal and external paint, to review only the most visible.

The mayor, Juan Franco, stresses “the determined attitude of the current government team to change the configuration of sport at the local level”while the Councilor for Sports, Javier Vidal thanks the company awarded the project “for the record time in which the work has been carried out”, with the provision of ua polyurethane coating on the cover and its preparation for the location of solar panels.

As far as the sports section is concerned, the one this Friday between Spain and Australia under-17 is the first of the five matches with national teams from lower categories that will be held on that track over the next few weeks and that, as far as basketball Refers, will have its continuity in Septemberwhen the Copa Andalucía ACB arrives at La Línea, with the participation of Real Betis, Unicaja de Málaga and Fundación Granada.

The Spanish under-17 team has started in Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz) his concentration to prepare the World Championship of the category, which will be held in different parts of the province of Malaga between the second and tenth of the imminent month of July.

The team led by Javier zamora has already played its first two friendlies, on Extremaduran soil, in which they have beaten France (64-62) and have lost to Serbia (74-85).

The players who are part of the national team are: Abel Delicado, Hugo González, Bruno Vidarte (Real Madrid), Pol Saló (Barcelona), David Barberá, Sergio de Larrera, Lucas Marí, Pablo Navarro (Valencia Basketball), Conrad Martínez (Joventut Badalona), Lugas Langarita (Casademont Girona), Diego Fernández (Tenerife), Pau Monterrosa (Baxi Manresa), Izán Almansa (Over Time Elite), Aday Mara (Zaragoza) and two players that La Línea fans could see in action on that same stage on February 5, when the Unicaja subsidiary beat the Unión Linense de Baloncesto (ULB) in an EBA League match: Rubén Vicente and Álvaro Filguera, who also played a decisive role in the foreign victory.



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